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The Design and Construction of EUROCODE 2 Pre-Stressed Cable Seminar

On the 29th May, DTU collaborated with the Namcong Civil Engineering Company to hold a seminar “Design and Construction of EUROCODE 2 Pre-stressed Cable” at DTU. The purpose was to broaden teaching content, enhance long-term partnerships with local companies and to help students gain more experience and secure good jobs in the future.
Attendees included Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU Vice-Provost, Mr. Nguyen Phi Hung, General Manager of the Namcong Civil Engineering Company, representatives from other local companies and lecturers and students from the DTU Department of Civil Engineering.
Mr. Nguyen Phi Hung addresses the seminar

At the seminar, a representative from the Namcong Civil Engineering Company presented EUROCODE 2, a new standard the way of designing and constructing pre-stressed cables. EUROCODE 2 has already been put into practice and has proved to be highly effective and economical.

Mr. Nguyen Phi Hung, Manager of Namcong commented: “It is our pleasure to introduce the EUROCODE 2 standard to DTU faculty and students. The seminar is an opportunity to meet and strive for a long-term partnership between DTU and Namcong. The implementation research history of pre-stressed cable will provide DTU students with experience for their studies and future careers. Namcong Civil Engineering Company will always welcome you all”. 
Associate Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh receives a gift from the Namcong Civil Engineering Company

Both faculty and students were fascinated by the design and implementation of EUROCODE 2 pre-stressed cable. Questions were answered by a representative of Namcong. Do Trung Phuong, from K14XDD, said: “This topic has taught us more about loading capacity and the ease of measuring it using EUROCODE 2 standards. I have learned more to assist in the completion of my graduation thesis on the design and construction of pre-stressed cables”.

The construction of ferro-concrete has demonstrated the effectiveness of the EUROCODE 2 standard, both domestically and internationally. The DTU Department of Civil Engineering has researched this topic and added it to the teaching curriculum. The seminar provided useful formation and practical knowledge to students for internships and future careers.

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