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LogiGear Offers Career Opportunities to DTU Students

On November 10th, more than two hundred students from the DTU International School and the Department of Information Technology attended a LogiGear recruitment session.

LogiGear is the first American-managed software testing company in Vietnam. The company often recruits DTU students to enhance their labor force.
Mr. Pham Thanh Tam at the recruitment event 

Mr. Pham Thanh Tam briefly introduced the LogiGear Company. LogiGear is the first and largest software testing and development company in Vietnam, and is recruiting software testing and development engineers. Final year students can apply by submitting their CV and may be accepted as permanent employees on completion of their internships.

“If you pass the interview, you will start working at LogiGear in January. The internships will last for four months and we assist you in the completion of your graduation thesis. Those with good performance after one month of working at LogiGear will receive an additional allowance each month”, said Mr. Tam.

Students who pass the English test will be interviewed by LogiGear before they start their internships in January, 2012.

“I feel very lucky to be a DTU student because there are many local companies offering us excellent career opportunities. Several weeks ago, I attended recruitment days held by the Enclave and Fsoft companies. While students at other institutions are concerned about their future jobs, we at DTU have more employment opportunities when we graduate”, said Mr. Nguyen Trong An, a DTU IT Department student. 
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