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Vice General Manager of the Nam Hai Resort teaches at DTU

On September 24, Ms. Tran Thi Canh, Vice General Manager of the Nam Hai Resort came to teach at DTU.

“We really had a good lesson with Ms. Canh and she provided us with really useful information. She played the role of an employer and interviewed us to select the best student. Then she highlighted some of our strengths and weaknesses. The strongest student was offered a tour of the Nam Hai Resort”, said Mr. Ngo Do, who attended the class.
Ms.Tran Thi Canh helps students in the job application process

Job application skills are the part of students’ final curriculum, which provides them with the ability to complete CVs and application forms and perform well in their job interviews. Students are taught the theory by their DTU Provost or Dean in theory and have the opportunity to gain practical experience by putting their skills into action in front of the HR staff of local companies.

 “DTU and the Nam Hai Resort have maintained a close partnership over the past five years. DTU graduates are targeted to work for us. Currently, many DTU alumni are working at the Nam Hai Resort in various positions. I am fortunate to meet with these students to assess their abilities”, said Ms. Canh.

She added: “I am really impressed by their English language skills and their confidence. As Tourism and Hospitality HR Manager, I highly appreciate their efforts”.

DTU has also invited many other corporate managers in different fields to teach final year students. Many of them have invited DTU students to work at their companies before graduation.
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