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Over Six Thousand Job Applications Filed at the 2011 DTU Job Fair

On 3rd June, 2011, the DTU Career Development Center collaborated with the Nguoi Lao Dong and the Danang Career Center to organize a one-day job fair for students and graduates at the DTU Quang Trung campus.
Students search for information at the Job Fair  

There were fifty-two local companies in IT, Accounting, Business Administration, Tourism, Engineering and others represented at the fair. About 6,179 applications were filed, with 3,164 at the graduate level, 1,058 at college level and one thousand at the vocational training level. The event not only attracted fifteen hundred new DTU graduates but also the ten thousand students looking for summer jobs and five thousand alumni of local universities, colleges and vocational training centers.

 Students applying for jobs online

Mr. Nguyen Ke Toai, Manager of the DTU Career Development Center said: “This non-profit event was aimed to introduce even more job opportunities to new DTU graduates students. Local companies and organizations can recruit staff to work for them also”.

During the day, many consultants and business managers from Central Vietnam were invited to provide detailed information to students.  
A businessman shares his experiences 

Over the past twelve years, the DTU Career Development Center has found various types of jobs for ten thousand students, of which three thousand were employed part-time. The center has also partnered with over one hundred companies in Danang and other areas. Students are advised on the skills they need for the future.

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