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Immediate Job Openings for DTU Graduates

“Job are now available for DTU graduates”, claimed Mr. Edgar Sabagkit, HR Manager of the Intercontinental Group, at the ceremony to announce their new agreement with DTU, on 30th March, 2011.

DTU will train Intercontinental staff in communicative English and tourism skills, as required. At the same time, Intercontinental will attend regular scientific conferences held by DTU. Students will be invited to visit the Intercontinental offices, work as interns there and apply for jobs at Intercontinental when they finish their studies.
  Mr. Edgar Sabagkit, the Intercontinental HR Manager, speaks in the ceremony
On the same day, about 100 DTU students were interviewed by Intercontinental representatives. Mr. Ho Hien, the Intercontinental Assistant Manager, said: “We are recruiting 500 staff for our new resorts. Students studying English, Tourism and Business Management are welcome to apply. We will collect CVs and interview final-year students this morning. If they meet our requirements, job opportunities will be available when they graduate”.

The Intercontinental Group is one of the biggest hospitality companies in the world. The company runs many new resorts, some of which are located nearby, in Ba Na, Suoi Mo and Danang.

If more doors are opened to DTU graduates by companies like Intercontinental, it will directly reflect on the quality of teaching at the university and the significant effort that the DTU Management Board has been making to help new graduates find good jobs quickly.
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