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LogiGear Vietnam meets with DTU students

March 15,2011

On 11th March, 2011, Mr. Vuong Bao Long, HR Manager of LogiGear VietNam had a talk to DTU lecturers and students of DTU Information Technology Department...

LogiGear Recruits CMU Students

October 19,2011

LogiGear held a recruitment day at DTU on 18th October, 2011. The event attracted hundreds CMU students. Mr. Vuong Bao Long, LogiGear HR Manager gave a brief presentation about LogiGear...

A meeting with Mr. Michael Hackett, LogiGear Vice-Chairman

June 23,2012

On June 22, faculty and students of the DTU International School and the Information Technology Department met with Mr. Michael Hackett, Vice-Chairman of LogiGear US...

LogiGear Offers Career Opportunities to DTU Students

November 13,2012

On November 10th, more than two hundred students from the DTU International School and the Department of Information Technology attended a LogiGear recruitment session...

Internships Opportunities at LogiGear

October 30,2017

On October 30th, Mr. Vuong Bao Long, Human Resource Director of LogiGear met with students from the DTU Faculty of IT and the DTU International School...

DTU Students of ADP Visit LogiGear

October 31,2017

On October 31st, DTU ADP students visited the LogiGear Company in Danang. LogiGear is one of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley and employs hundreds of testers and software developers

Internship Opportunities at LogiGear

November 6,2018

On November 4, LogiGear Vietnam and DTU held a seminar to discuss internships and careers in software testing. LogiGear was the first American-owned software company in Vietnam, the company opened operations in Danang in 2014 and is a proud member of the friendly local IT community...