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DTU students go on a field trip to CoopMart

On November 25th, twenty DTU students led by Ms. Doan Thi Thuy Hai went on a fieldtrip to the Danang CoopMart. Mr. Vo Hoang Anh, Danang CoopMart Director, welcomed the DTU delegation.
During the tour of CoopMart, Mr. Vo Hoang Anh explained the function of each section of the store to the visitors. Afterwards, the delegation went to a meeting room to ask leaders of CoopMart some questions and share ideas. 
DTU students at CoopMart
Mr. Vo Hoang Anh briefly explained the Coopmart development strategy and personnel structure. He enthusiastically responded to questions related to business strategy, management policy, employee benefits and employment opportunities. 

He emphasized:“CoopMart system recruits approximately 2,000 employees every year. We are planning to open two new Coopfoods in Danang, which will need a lot of new staff. I remember that there were about 100 DTU students at the opening day of our first Danang CoopMart. I highly appreciated your dynamic and hard-working attitude. As Chrismas and the Tet holiday are approaching, we begin to recruit many part-time employees. If you would like a part-time job, please apply to our personnel department. I am happy to welcome you all”.

On behalf of DTU, Ms. Doan Thi Thuy Hai thanked Mr. Vo Hoang Anh for his hospitality and the opportunities he has provided to DTU students. She hoped the partnership between CoopMart and DTU would strengthen over time, in line with the DTU objective to closely connect DTU to businesses in order to provide quality worker training.

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