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DTU Holds the “Science and Technology Transfer Between the University, Enterprises and Localities” Workshop

It is now easy to understand the close relationship between the university, enterprises and communities. The university is a well-qualified workforce provider and the others receivers. Previously, this relationship had been misunderstood, which resulted in inefficiencies in training and employing the labor force. The workshop, entitled “Science & Technology Transfer Between the University, Enterprises and Localities” was held in collaboration with the Danang Young Business Association on April 25th to partly solve this issue.
Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh delivers a speech at the workshop
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU Provost and President, together DTU faculty and students warmly welcomed the workshop attendees, who included Mr. Vo Duy Khuong, Standing Vice-Chairman of the Danang People’s Committee, Mr. Pham A, Vice-Chairman of the Tay Giang district in Quang Nam province, Dr. Le Quang Nam, Director of the Danang Department of Science and Technology, Mr. Pham Kieu Da, Chairman of the Danang Union of Science and Technology, Mr. Le Van Hieu, Vice-Chairman of the Vietnam Young Business Association, representatives of research institutions, local agencies, investment companies, banks and enterprises nationwide.
Opening the workshop, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co emphasized: “Since our inception, we have aimed to connect DTU with local business. In 1997, DTU held a meeting entitled: “From the University to the Marketplace. Its purpose was to establish initiatives for designing standard training programs. Now we are holding the “Science & Technology Transfer Between the University, Enterprises and Localities” workshop to exchange information with enterprises and localities to identify labor market demands and refine those training programs. In developed countries, companies have invested heavily in universities, from which they later receive outstanding graduates. We can avoid wasting time and money if our investments have a purpose. Providing highly-qualified, dedicated, young faculty with modern facilities, DTU aims to provide the community with an expert workforce to meet current labor requirements. I hope that, through this workshop, we can develop innovative ways of connecting with local businesses and communities to provide the types of graduates are quickly accepted by society".
Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU Vice-Provost overviewed DTU achievements over the past 19 years of its inception and development. With 27 Undergraduate, 12 Associate Bachelor’s Degree and 4 Graduate programs, DTU has successfully transferred technology to local enterprises. Such transfers include: “Research on the composition and construction process of the 42 meter-long “I” girder across the Hoa Xuan Bridge in Danang”, “Research on the support of reinforcements of sand piles on Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, Hoa Quy ward in Danang”, “Research on purebred gene source for precious herbal medicines in the Tay Giang district”, “Research on methods of rooting out the Ipomoea Hederacea Choisy plant, which is eroding the Son Tra peninsula” and “Research on preparing kinds of tea packing medicines with a DTU trade name".
The signing ceremony of the Technology Transfer between DTU and Business
Mr. Vo Duy Khuong, the Standing Vice-Chairman of the Danang People’s Committee, stated: “I am so impressed that DTU is always a leader in the organization of workshops. I am sure that DTU will have many future breakthroughs. The fact is that the relationship between universities and enterprises is not as close as it should be. Much research has never been properly applied, and businesses find it very difficult to find skilled workers and unique, new products. We take great pride in the training programs but the students are normally just good at theory but not in practice. The fact that students are awarded diplomas and certificates but fail to meet basic job requirements is a major concern to both educators and enterprises. I expect to discover some solutions to this issue at this workshop. Universities and colleges need to examine local market requirements in order to design appropriate training programs. Businesses need to make suggestions and requests to universities to recruit qualified employees. We also need to invest in advanced technology to produce high-quality products for the development of our country".
At the end of the workshop, many agreements between DTU and local enterprises were signed. They were on the topics such as “Collaboration in training, the organization of scientific conferences, the establishment internship and job openings for students and holding job fairs” with the Danang Young Business Association, “Collaboration in research, applications and development of free software” with the Vietnam Free and Open Source Software Association and “Collaboration in training, recruitment and research” with the Furama Resort.
These timely agreements between DTU and local enterprises will ensure quick success in identifying further opportunities for collaboration and technology transfer between DTU and enterprises nationwide in the near future.
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