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Augmented Human Communications Research Seminar

On August 6th, Duy Tan University held an “Augmented Human Communications Research“ seminar, in coordination with Nara Institute of Science and Technology in Japan (NAIST). Professor Satoshi Nakamura from NAIST presented innovative research findings concerning the intricate connections between human-to-human and human-to- computer communications.

Professor Satoshi Nakamura presents his research

Communication initiates all types of relationships and developments. Over the years, NAIST has conducted research on a wide range of projects concerning human communication. High priority is placed on the theoretical aspects of the research and also on its technical applicability, including the implementation of prototype systems and network service systems, and their evaluation. At the seminar, Professor Nakamura talked about his long-term research into Augmented Human Computer Communication, including Language Processing, User-Adaptive Speech Recognition and Brain Analysis related to human communication.
Professor Nakamura and DTU lecturers
Dr. Dang Viet Hung from the DTU Center for Research and Development said: “Research on the production of state-of-the-art equipment to enhance human communication is being conducted by scientists worldwide. This seminar has offered DTU a great opportunity for DTU students to learn about the latest research methodologies involving the language processes and computers that we have been using at Duy Tan University.”

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