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More Scientific Research Conducted by Students of the DTU Department of Environmental Studies

“Most of the projects are looking for solutions for environmental problems in Danang. I hope that more DTU students will dedicate themselves to scientific research in the new academic year”, said Dr. Tran Nhat Tan, Head of the DTU Scientific Research Board at a workshop of the Department of Environmental Studies.

Eight projects were reviewed this time. One concerned the current use of plastic bags in Danang, another discussed the water supply shortage in the Tien Sa tourist area and six projects proposed solutions for environmental problems on the Phu Loc River at the 29-3 Business Park.

Students present their projects

“Environmental study requires as much research as possible. Students must go to sites to take samples and be available anytime to conduct experiments in the DTU laboratories on their return. In this new academic year, we will encourage them to conduct more projects as a way of satisfying the requirements of the CDIO model at DTU”, added Dr. Tan.

Several other projects have been initiated to stimulate the growth of research at DTU. Currently, students are conducting projects on “The Processing and Recycling Waste Oil”, “The Production of Biodiesel fuel from waste cooking oil” and “Chitosan made from shrimp and crab shells to protect food”. Students will be sent to Singapore and the USA to present their projects next year.

The growth of academic research has long been a major initiative at DTU because it enables students to broaden their experience in self-study and problem solving. Many of their projects received high recognition in recent competitions, such as the 2010 Loa Thanh Prize and the IDEERS competition in Taiwan.
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