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DTU Seminar on “Smart Radio & Collaborative Communication”

On March 24, the DTU departments of Research & Development, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, the International School and Information Technology held a seminar on “Smart Radio & Collaborative Communication” chaired by Dr. Ha Dac Binh, from the DTU Center of Research & Development. The purpose was to get feedback and suggestions on a proposed project, enabling them to cooperate in conducting scientific research together.


Dr. Ha Dac Binh presents the “Smart Radio & Collaborative Communication” project

The aim of the project is to look for an optimal way to take advantage of unused wide band radio frequencies. A model of collaborative communication using a radio network was presented by Dr. Binh, with Relay playing an important role. He asked for support and suggestions from other IT faculty and staff.

The attendees had a stimulating discussion, full of ideas and experience in their analysis of the model. All shared a common opinion that this model was quite economical, advantageous and expandable to large scale usage. They believed that it might be exploited by 5G technology companies the future.
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