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DTU Holds a Workshop on “Plexim Plecs Software Applications for the Green Energy Industry“

As our natural resources are being used up, scientists are researching alternative environmentally-friendly sources of energy. Many new systems have been put into practice to improve our lives, particularly software applications. On April 24th, Duy Tan University, in collaboration with the SGS Company and the Ivy Informatics Company (Singapore), held a workshop entitled: "Plexim Plecs Software Applications for the Green Energy Industry”. The objective of the workshop was to provide DTU faculty and students with some innovative software to facilitate their education. Attendees included Dr. Ha Dac Binh, Deputy Director of the DTU Center for Research and Development, Mr. Olivier Wu, representative of the Ivy Informatics Company (Singapore), Mr. Mai Xuan Kien, Project Manager of the SGS company, together with a large number of lecturers and final year students of the DTU Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty and staff of CSE and the DTU Advanced Telecommunications Laboratory.
Mr. Olivier Wu introduces the Plexim Plecs software at the workshop

Mr. Olivier Wu presented details of the preeminent features and applications of Plexim Plecs software in various industries, such as aviation, automatic control systems, electronics, transportation, high voltage transmission and so on. For example, Plexim Plecs has been used for the design and simulation of power electronic systems. According to Mr. Olivier Wu, the Typhoon feature of Plexim Plecs can be likened to a small laboratory where complex power systems can be simulated by constructing and connecting models. With its high-speed simulations, Plexim Plecs also allows users to design and idealize their models exactly, without purchasing extra components. Plexim Plecs creates equations and then solves them automatically.

Dr. Ha Dac Binh said: “In universities, experimental Plexim Plecs applications can help lecturers and students refine real-time models in their studies and research. Students can easily design  power electronic systems using Plexim Plecs economically. Lecturers can use Plexim Plecs to design a chain of systems. I think Plexim Plecs could be very useful software for DTU faculty and students".

Plexim Plecs is valuable in the design power electronic systems to create sources of electricity which are environmentally-friendly, cheap and effective. At the end of the workshop, all final year students of the DTU Electronics and Telecommunications Department were taught how to set up Plexim Plecs and how to use it in their studies and research.
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