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New Hope for Physiotherapy Courses at DTU

On April 10, the DTU Board of Rectors met with Ms. Virginia Mary Lockett to discuss opening a Physiotherapy training course at DTU.

Ms. Virginia Mary Lockett is a professional physiotherapist who on many volunteer projects in Vietnam from 2005 to 2006. She has been particularly concerned about patient care and the quality in physiotherapy in Danang and in Vietnam generally.

The DTU Board of Rectors meets with Ms. Virginia Mary Lockett

Among the topics discussed were the social demands and development of Physiotherapy courses and an agreement was made to establish a Physiotherapy Center and a strategy to improve the skills of students interested in this new field.

Ms. Virginia Mary Lockett suggested supporting DTU in the training and development of professional instructors. It is planned that new Physiotherapy Center laboratory will be located at 21 Nguyen Van Linh for students to practice in. “DTU has decided to open this center not for profit but to educate qualified physiotherapists to meet social requirement”, said Mr. Le Cong Co, DTU Chairman and Rector.