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DTU Demonstrates Intelligence and Creativity in the SV 2012 Contest

On February 8th, the SV Teams of Duy Tan University, the Danang University of Technology and Pham Van Dong University competed at the Tien Son Sport Complex for an official place in the second round of the 2012 SV Competition. The jury for the first round of the Central Vietnam Contest included journalists Mr. Lai Van Sam and Mr. Long Vu and the singer Miss My Tam.

Amidst an exhilarating atmosphere of drumbeats and shouts of encouragement, the teams progressed through the three sections of the competition, comprising greetings, an intelligence test and a talent contest. The DTU students, dressed in yellow, carrying the university logo confidently demonstrated their skills and humor throughout the contest.
The Greeting of the DTU Team
Appearing in energetic interpretations of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, and dark-skinned men with curly hair, the DTU students impressed the jury and audience with their warm greetings. Unfortunately their explanation of their performance was difficult for the judges to understand so DTU’s SV Team scored only 26 points in the first section.
Many DTU students encourage their team

The second section, the intelligence test was considered the most difficult. With great determination, DTU’s SV Team surprised the audience and jury with their knowledge. Miss My Tam said: “I was really impressed by the DTU students” and Ms.Long Vu added: “I was surprised by their creativity”. Coming first in this section, DTU did not disappoint their enthusiastic audience. Danang University of Technology team scored 26.5 point and Pham Van Dong University got 27.5 points.

DTU’s SV Team continued to express their talent with their humorous finale, based on the concept of how to overcome the difficulties of taking exams. Their comedy certainly excited the audience. Overall, DTU team ranked second, with 27 points. Overall, Danang University of Technology won the competition, coming in just one point higher than the other two universities.    

Though the 2012 DTU SV team was unable to win this year, students gained excellent experience overcoming the challenges of the competition and demonstrated to all their intelligence, creativity and humor. They proved that they are becoming more and more confident to compete with other students anywhere.
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