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DTU now Offers Applicants the Opportunity of Early Acceptance

In 2012, MOET set new enrollment policies which allowed students to have wider choice during their university application process. That means students may now begin their university studies at universities earlier than last year. However, in consequence, approvals will be more competitive. So students should think carefully, as they must decide which institution will be their first choice before they take the university entrance exam.
Dr. Vo Thanh Hai speaks at the 2012 Enrollment Consulting Day

DTU is one of the leading universities in Vietnam, ranked at the top twenty academic institutions with the highest achievements over two consecutive years. Located in the center of Danang, DTU is the ideal environment for academic and scientific studies. More than twenty thousand students from all over the country are enrolling at DTU at different levels. As well as its investment in modern facilities, DTU is steadily improving the quality of teaching by sending DTU faculty for training abroad. DTU students have gained high achievements in the Mathematics and Informatics Olympiads, in the Loa Thanh Prize competition, in the Architecture Festival and in local and national beauty contests. About 89.5% of DTU students are employed within six months of graduation. The rate is even higher in Information Technology, Tourism and Finance and Banking, standing at 95 to 100%.

As a multi-discipline university, DTU offers many choices. The university offers twenty-seven different specialties at the undergraduate level and ten at the college level, such as Information Technology, Business Administration, Foreign Languages, Tourism, Electronics, Civil Engineering, Architecture, International Relations, Health Care and Medicine and so on. In addition, DTU’s advanced curricula are prepared in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Software Technology, Information Systems and Network Techniques, with Pennsylvania State University (PSU) in Accounting, Administration, Finance and Banking and Tourism and with California State University (CSU) in Architecture and Civil Engineering. This year, in partnership with Appalachian State University, the 2+2 program will be implemented. Three new specialties, in Medicine, Indoor Design and Graphics Design will be offered.

For years, only students with the university entrance exam results meeting MOET standards have been accepted by DTU. These students may then be granted scholarships worth two million VND by the DTU Board of Provosts. Recently, there has been an increase the average entrance exam score, to about 15, for students applying to DTU as their second or third choice. In 2012, it is predicted to go even higher. So it would wise for them to apply to DTU as their first choice.
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