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The Awards Ceremony for DTU’s Best-Dressed and the Introduction of “GO STORK!”

An awards ceremony for the “DTU’s Best Dressed Through the Lens” and the “Computer Fireworks Display” competitions was held on the evening of 30th December, 2011, at DTU. The new student magazine “GO STORK!” was announced.

The ceremony opened with a show of various DTU uniforms by participants in the DTU’s Best Dressed Through the Lens” contest. The audience learned more about DTU’s culture, with uniforms on display from the DTU International School, the DTU Tourism Department and the Business Administration Department and cheered the performers. This contest was launched in December and caught the attention of many students. First Prize was awarded to the K17 PSU QTH’s album with K17QNH1 and K17KKT4 coming in second third respectively. The Most Impressive Album and the Most Voted Album were prizes were awarded to K17 PSU DLK and K16DCD2 respectively.
Dr. Vo Thanh Hai awards prizes for the “DTU’s Best Dressed Through the Lens”contest
Winning teams participating in the Computer Fireworks Display Competition were also awarded prizes at the event. This competition was held in collaboration with the DTU and Danang Culture & Information Department in November, 2011. Two clips, “Danang Legends” and “Memories of Old Times” were chosen as winners by the judges. Those two best clips will enter the Computer Fireworks Display Competition, organized by the Danang People’s Committee.
Ms. Diep Anh presents the Computer Fireworks Display Competition prizes 

Ms. Nguyen Luu Diep Anh, Manager of the DTU PR Center said: “We highly appreciate your creativity and good preparation in this competition. I hope that your work will result in excellent results in the upcoming regional Computer Fireworks Display Competition.

The audience also enjoyed singing and dancing performances by DTU students. The songs “Hello Vietnam”, by Chiara, and “Lady in Picture”, by Nguyen Tran My Linh, were especially delightful.

Last but not least was the release of the new GO STORK Magazine for DTU students. After a member of the Editorial Board introduced the new student magazine “GO STORK!” a mini-quiz game about the magazine was held for the audience.

Finally, two Sacombank Bank scholarships were awarded to two high-achieving DTU students.
The GO STORK! Quiz game 
“After 17 years, DTU has become an excellent choice for most parents, students and companies regionally and nationally. Enrollment has increased year-by year. These two competitions and the DTU magazine were created for DTU students to share ideas with each other”, said Mr. Le Cong Co, DTU Chairman and Rector.
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