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Capstone Project Workshop

On March 15, the Carnegie Mellon University delegation held a workshop on the topic of Capstone projects for students in the CMU program. Dr.Anthony Lattanze, a representative of the delegation, Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Vice- Rector, DTU lecturers and students attended the workshop. 

Dr. Bao Linh presents his project: “Package Transportation Support Systems”
 Capstone is a useful piece of project planning software that students work with during their final year at university, which was first introduced at DTU in 2008 for advanced CMU students. Using Capstone, students can experiment with different concepts before applying them in corporate case studies. Students have six months to collect, and process their data, do simulations and complete their projects.
Three Capstone projects were presented by CMU students. Dr.Lattanze highly appreciated the significance and potential of each project. However, he suggested that students needed to clarify the process and the status of their projects, as these are the key factors that make projects successful. He also emphasized the need for creative thinking and gave some examples of successful Capstone projects.

Talking about the project entitled “Package Transportation Support Systems”, Mr. Do Bao Linh, a K14CMUTPM student said: “A unique feature of our project is a two-dimensional coding system that can save more data so that we can operate on a larger scale. By using open code, the software is more affordable and flexible to adapt to customer requirements”.

Many other activities to help DTU students will be held by the CMU delegation during their visit. Hopefully, CMU students will learn more and gain more experience to advance their studies in IT and then in their future careers.
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