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Exciting DTU Robocon 2012 Contest

On March 18th, eight DTU Robocon teams competed at the Tien Son Sport Complex. This was a required warm-up session in preparation for the Central Vietnam Robocon Contest, to take place on April 1 at the Danang University of Technology.
The winner of the DTU Robocon 2012
After three exciting rounds, the TITAN1 team won convincingly with their “Peng On Dai Gat” to become the champions of DTU Robocon 2012, the K15TTT and DTER teams ranked second and third respectively.

Mr. Bui Cong Vu, a Lecturer in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications said: "The competitors are mostly sophomores and juniors. The juniors made the robots themselves, based on the suggestions of their lecturers”.

The DTU Robocon 2012 challenge was fairly complex. In the contest, robots including the Manual Robot and the Automatic Robot must capture buns. They must travel through the Tunnel, cross the Bridge and land the Island where the Bun Tower is located. Then they must snatch the “Peng On Bun” in order to achieve “Peng On Dai Gat”. The synchronous manipulation of the Manual and Automatic Robots is vital to winning the game. After such a successful warm-up competition, we can be sure that the DTU Robocon will be difficult to beat in the upcoming Central Vietnam Robocon Contest.

 (*) The “Peng On Dai Gat” is awarded when the Manual Robot picks up the highest bun from the Tower. The Robocon 2012 idea was conceived from the Hong Kong Bun Festival, which is the venue for the Robocon 2012 contest. In this festival, the competitors must climb to the top of the Bun Tower and the winner with the most buns is “Peng On Dai Gat”.

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