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IT Gala Game Show 2012 - A Playground for DTU Students

On March 17, an IT Gala Game Show was held in collaboration with the Truong Tan Company. Attendees included representatives from CMU, the Ministry of Information & Communication, the Ministry of Education & Training and Van Lang University.

The Gala opened with a delightful musical performance. Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Vice- Rector said: “I hope that the IT knowledge you have recently gained will make this event more meaningful to you”.
Teams in IT Gala Game show

Four teams from the DTU departments of Information Technology, Electronics & Communications and the International School competed with each other answering questions about IT and various other current topics. This was an opportunity for students to meet and exchange information in preparation for their future careers. First prize went to the “3T” team from DTU International School, with the MIS STORK team from DTU IT Department coming in second. The REVERSE team and the ROBOCHIP team were both 3rd runners up at the Gala.

Outstanding students from each team will train to participate in the final round of IT Gala 2012 with others from local universities and colleges. DTU is likely to be the host of this event, to be held at the end of the year. The 2012 IT Gala promises to be a great “Playground” for Danang students.

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