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The DTU O Thuoc Bridge Building Contest

On 8th April, 2012, the first “O Thuoc Bridge Building” contest took place at DTU Campus. This playground was for students at high school and universities in Danang to show their ability and get closer.
The DTU 47-SC team wins the first prize

Forty teams (two from the Phan Chau Trinh and Ong Ich Khiem High Schools) entered the first round. Initially, the architecture of their bridge building projects was assessed by the judges on April 7 and then the teams were assessed on their presentations, their bridge building plans, their aesthetics, creativity and size and weight testing.

The winning PCT team from the Phan Chau Trinh High School
Each project has its own benefits and displayed the passion for architecture that all the teams had put into their projects. The final result was kept secret until the last minute, which made the contest even more exciting. In high school classification, the first prize, worth 7 million VND, went to the PCT team from Phan Chau Trinh High School. The Lucky team from Ong Ich Khiem came second with a prize of 5 million. In the university classification, the 47-SC team came first, with the White Stock and Tan Mui teams received second and the third respectively. Two other consolation prizes were awarded given to the Dark Night and K15XDC teams.
The DTU Board of Rectors is also launching a “Social Venture Plan Competition” for students studying Economics and Foreign Languages and a “Succeed in your Career” completion for future accountants to participate in. The aim of such contests is to create a forum for them to demonstrate and improve their skills.

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