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Blood donation day at Duy Tan University

Together with social activities like the Green Summer Campaign, Street cleaning, Emergency relief aid, etc. The blood donation program has become a traditional activity of DTU’s students. To promote this good tradition, on March 18th, 2010, over 500 students took part in the Blood Donation Day held by the DTU Youth Union and the Youth Association of Danang.

295 liters of blood were collected that day. From early 2009 to now, DTU’s students have given 1500 liters of blood to hospitals in Danang. The next donation times are scheduled in July and December 2010.

By their practical action, DTU students would like to invite others to share and bring joy and a chance of survival to patients.

Blood Donation is one of the regular and voluntary activities of DTU’ s students and staff, presenting the humanitarian spirit and responsibility of the youth of Duy Tan University to the community.

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