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Ceremony of Admitting New Party Member

On 4thJuly 2009, with the approval of the Hai Chau District and the DTU’s Party Committees, the Party Cell of Student Block 1 held the appointment ceremony of Ms. Nguyen Hoang Hanh Thao, a student in the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

Ms Thao is one of the top students at DTU . On Mr. Vo Minh Phuc’s recommendation, the Party Cell of Student Block 1 agreed to recommend Ms Thao to become a member of Vietnamese Communist Party.

On be half of the DTU’s Party Committee, Mr. Nguyen Thoi, Secretary of the Student Block 1 Party Cell congratulated Ms Thao and encouraged her to strive to fulfill the responsibilities of a Party Member.

The Party Cell of Student Block 1 evolved from the Student Cell of DTU’s Party Committee and currently has 19 members. From early 2009, the Student Cell has admitted four outstanding students into the Party.

The development of the Student Party Cell in particular and demonstrates that the DTU’s Party Committee in general is growing steadily.

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