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The competition of cooking on Women’s Day

A ceremony to celebrate the International Women's Day was held on the afternoon of March 7th, 2008 at the the campus 209 Phan Thanh, Duy Tan University.

A cooking competition was held to encourage women to take more responsibility in their traditional work.

The actual cooking time to create three dishes appetizer, main course and dessert should take about 45 minutes. Team members have to figure out their game plan and then execute their meal menu at the cost of VND 50,000.

At the competition, the participants came up with a variety of dishes for the competition. The dishes focus on energy-rich food containing carbohydrates, protein and fat. Rice is eaten together with a variety of different dishes such as pork, fish, shrimp, soup and vegetables.

I think competitions are very important to DTU’s women and to the women in general. Especially, it teaches them certain things such as working under pressure, working with a team in a limited time and limited resource. The competition was held to call attention to the importance of women, creating happy families, fostering comfortable lives, and nurturing good children were women's goals.

“We hope to encourage women's rights and duty through this competition," said Mr Nguyen Duc Thanh , DTU’s Chairman of Trade Union who talks about how young women can achieve a happy life in modern society.

Diep Anh