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Blood Donation Day at Duy Tan University

On 1st July 2009, Duy Tan University’ s Youth Union in conjunction with Danang Youth Association held the Blood Donor Day, 2nd Period 2009 at 184 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Danang city.

The activity attracted a considerable participation of DTU’s students. Student Nguyen Thi Oanh, who donated blood for the first time said: “Initially, I am fear of being hurt when giving blood, but think that this is a good deed, so I take part in the special day without hesitation. This kind act of charity really makes me feel happy. Giving blood doesn't hurt. In fact, it feels great

Together with students, staff and lecturers of DTU also joined the activity. With 3 times of blood donation, Mr Nguyen Thoi - Chief of Student Affairs Department stated: “We must enhance the work of blood donation which is relatively safe for the donor’s health, and sometimes increases the body’s resistance for the donors.”

“We should be willing to give blood, you would truly be offering a most beautiful part of yourself for the benefit of those less fortunate. We need to be aware of it and promote this significant activity of donating blood”, he added.

200 units of blood was collected and sent to Danang Hospital to help the patients in need of blood. Up to now, Duy Tan students have donated more than 600 blood units, exceeding of the target accredited in 2009 by Danang Blood Donation Campaign. The third donation period is scheduled to be held in December, 2009.

Blood Donation is one of the regular and voluntary activities of DTU’ s students and staff, presenting the humanitarian spirit and responsibility of the youth of Duy Tan University to the community.

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