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Admission Ceremony for New Party Members

On April 29th 2009, the Duy Tan University Party Committee held an admission ceremony for new members.
Present at the ceremony were Mr. Le Cong Co, Secretary of Party Committee and Acting Rector of the University, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, other university party members. Four new party members were admitted on this occasion.

After their formal acceptance by the Committee, the new members took a solemn and permanent oath of loyalty to the Party.

Mr. Huynh Ba Dieu, a new party member, said: “Since my first days of work at DTU, I have attempted to enhance my qualifications and my conduct with the desire of becoming a good Party member.”

At the end of the ceremony, on behalf of the University Party Committee, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh outlined some of the Party’s upcoming tasks. He said that the party cells must educate new party members, continuously train and improve their quantity and quality, and promote a pioneering spirit in order to develop guidelines to use as models for the implementation of future tasks and duties


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