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Duy Tan Table-tennis Club-A healthy Playing Field

On 31st August 2009, the appearance ceremony of Table-tennis Club was organized by the Labour Union of Duy Tan university. The club was founded for DTU’s lecturers and staff who love sports and practice sports after hard working hours.

Addressing at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh-Chairman of the Labour Union said: “Participating in the club is to manifest the sports spirit and build competition skills, so the experienced ones must support and instruct the new players to create a strong and professional club”

At the ceremony, the Club announced its new board members including: chairman Nguyen Van Kinh and vice-chairmans Phan Phung Lap , Le Cong Duy, Tran Dinh Son, Hoang Minh Duc.

After the ceremony, the members took part in the competitions with the exciting atmosphere. This is the occasion to strenghen the solidarity and exchanges among DTU’s lecturers and staff.

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