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GenZ TalkShow - Starting a Business using Social Networking, with Tips on Generating Income

On November 29, the DTU Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and the IRIS English Center jointly held a GenZ Talkshow entitled: "Starting a Business using Social Networking - Tips on Generating Income", to increase student awareness and provide useful advice. 
Attendees included Blogger Nguyen Ngoc Long, Founder of Black Moon Media, the first and only club for social media lovers in Vietnam. DTU students and others usually dream of starting up their own companies one day, and nowadays social networking has proved to be an effective tool to create a new business and brand  it. 
TalkShow Kh?i nghi?p t? M?ng Xã h?i - Bí quy?t t?o Thu nh?p cho GenZ
Blogger Nguyen Ngoc Long at the TalkShow
Blogger Nguyen Ngoc Long said: "Social networking is considered an exploitable gold mine and much money can be earned following in the footsteps of KOC, KOL, Tiktoker and Content Creator, for example. However, novices can face many unforeseen challenges and temptations, so I always remind my students not to be greedy. Building a new personal and profitable social networking brand requires much specialized knowledge and meaningful content to make the investment more rewarding and valuable.”
TalkShow Kh?i nghi?p t? M?ng Xã h?i - Bí quy?t t?o Thu nh?p cho GenZ
Student Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao majors in Multimedia Communications and said: “Effective use of social media can create great business opportunities, but will require much thought and planning. Today’s meeting provided me with broader understanding about the advantages and challenges of social networking in order to prepare myself for the future." 
Blogger Long added: "I have met many students from other universities, and find DTU students to be very likeable. They really wanted to learn from my experiences, which is a major source of inspiration for me.” 
Winners received attractive gifts from the IRIS English Center while participating in exciting games at the TalkShow.
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