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Third Science Conference of School of Engineering & Technology

On November 4, the third Science Conference of the DTU School of Engineering & Technology (SET) was launched, entitled the “2023 Conference on Technologies for the Future (CTF)”. Participants included lecturers, research students, graduate and undergraduate students from all six faculties and from the three SET centers. In particular, the conference received three reports and a number of other articles from partners.
H?i ngh? Khoa h?c Tru?ng Công ngh? l?n th? 3, nam 2023
The SET Science Conference at DTU
This annual conference is held to promote research, exchange results and provides an opportunity to develop partnerships between engineers and technologists worldwide.
Attendees included Associate Professor Ngo Dien Tap, Scientific Advisor at the DTU Center for Electrical Engineering; Dr. Pham My, a lecturer at the Danang University of Science & Technology; SET Provost, Associate Professor Ha Dac Binh; SET Vice-Provost Dr. Vu Duong; SET Vice-Provost Dr. Pham Phu Anh Huy; MSc. Nguyen Quoc Lam, acting Vice-Dean of the SET Faculty of Civil Engineering; MSc. Truong Van Truong, acting Dean of the SET Faculty of Civil Engineering; MSc. Phan Van Binh, Dean of the SET Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; MSc. Luong Xuan Hieu, acting Dean of the SET Faculty of Architecture; and the DTU leadership, lecturers, research students, and undergraduate students of SET.
H?i ngh? Khoa h?c Tru?ng Công ngh? l?n th? 3, nam 2023
SET Provost Associate Professor Ha Dac Binh speaks
“We received more papers this year than in the previous two years ” said SET Provost Ha Dac Binh, Chairperson of the organizing committee. “This shows that the conference is enjoying increased attention from our lecturers, and I hope they can share their research results, find new directions, and form groups to support each other, especially the younger lecturers, those studying for Master’s degrees, and research students in Vietnam and abroad. The conference is also open to final-year students working on their graduation projects.
“Our science conferences contribute to the improvement of education for those with a passion to gain more research experience, by reading and keeping up with world’s latest technologies and then applying it practically in the field of science and technology.”
Diverse reports and presentations were made on research projects in many new and different fields, including electrical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, IT, and machine engineering technology the projects were highly appreciated for their creativity, applicability, and practical potential. 
H?i ngh? Khoa h?c Tru?ng Công ngh? l?n th? 3, nam 2023
SET representatives and guests
The Manager of the SET Department of Science & Technology, Dr. Truong Tien Vu said: “The annual SET Conference is really a traditional academic event of the School of Engineering & Technology. The projects this year are varied, with three introductory articles and twenty scientific reports. Recently we have worked on projects with government and national funding, leading to higher-quality articles at the conference.”
The theme of the conference was: “Technologies for the Future 2023”, and the submissions were critically assessed by the organizing committee and internal and external experts, who offered the authors many valuable suggestions about how their reports could be improved.
The third conference was a resounding success and marked a new development, which was the affirmation of the improved quality of scientific research at SET and throughout DTU. In the future the SET Science Conference will continue to provide new ways for lecturers and students to demonstrate their research capabilities, and more local and foreign experts to evaluate and comment on their scientific reports.
The conferences are the driving force to arouse lecturer and student passion to improve their research skills, and broaden their thinking, leading to the improvement of training at SET.
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