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“Development Trends and Career Opportunities in the Finance & Insurance Industry” Talk Show

On November 17, DTU and the Dai-ichi Life Vietnam Company held a talk show entitled: “Development Trends and Career Opportunities in the Finance & Insurance Industry”. Dr. David Hugh Saiia, Director of the DTU Nam Khue Management Institute; Mr. Doan Xuan Viet, Central Vietnam Business Development Director at Dai-chi Life; Mr. Nguyen Anh Tri, Central Coast Business Development Director; representatives from Dai-ichi Life Danang; lecturers and students from the DTU Nam Khue Management Institute attended.
Representatives from Dai-ichi Vietnam award scholarships to needy students
Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was established in 2007, invested 100% by Japan. It is a member of the Dai-ichi Life Group, the largest life insurer in Japan, which is one of the world’s leading insurance companies, with 121 years of experience. Over the past 16 years, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has grown significantly, with a 59-fold increase in total insurance revenue, a 14-fold increase in the number of customers, a 53-fold increase in total investment capital, and an 82-fold increase in total assets. The company has been recognized in several ways:
- The second largest life insurance company in Vietnam, from 2020 to 2023
- One  of the  top 50 fastest-growing enterprises in Vietnam, in 2022
- One  of the  top 50 sustainable development enterprises, in 2022
- The third best workplace in the Insurance Industry, in 2021
- An Asian enterprise of excellence.
Speakers answer student questions
Dr. David Hugh Saiia said: “Currently, insurance is one of the most dynamic industries in Vietnam and worldwide because it protects us from risks related to our health and wellbeing. The insurance industry offers numerous job opportunities for graduates and, in our training program at the Nam Khue Management Institute, topics include finance and insurance. Today we are collaborating with Dai-ichi Vietnam to arrange thís talk show to broaden your insight into current trends in the finance & insurance industry. Furthermore, you will learn how to prepare for a career in life insurance. I hope that today’s talk show will provide you with valuable information and also help you to enhance your career goals for the future.”
The Dai-ichi Life Vietnam company presented 10 scholarships worth 1 million VND each to students facing financial hardship, and the students demonstrated their commitment to their studies at the DTU Nam Khue Management Institute, while Dai-ichi demonstrated their belief in the students’ potential and motivated them to strive for success.
Mr. Tran Van Loc, Head of the Human Resources & Business Partner Department at Dai-ichi, discussed various key topics relating to the finance & insurance industry, including writing skills in job application letters, and Mr. Doan Xuan covered the special difficulties and challenges in the industry, how to overcome them, and succeed. 
The guest speakers and  Dr. Nguyen Minh Nhat answered questions on the specific skills required to apply for jobs, details about Dai-ichi internship programs and ways of overcoming challenges in the industry. The discussion helped students understand more about the workplace, identify potential opportunities in the finance & insurance sector, evaluate their own strengths and how they need to improve to meet job requirements. 
Nguyen Van Tri is a second-year student in Business Administration at the Nam Khue Management Institute and one of 10 students receiving scholarships from Dai-ichi Life Vietnam. He said: “I am delighted to receive the scholarship and will use part of it to enroll in an online English course. In my opinion, today’s talk show was highly beneficial because it allowed me to engage with businesses by interacting with insurance experts to expand my essential knowledge and skills. Moreover, participating in the talk show has given me a clearer career orientation for the future, through a deeper understanding of the importance of globalization and currently sought after careers, particularly in finance & insurance.”
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