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130 ASEAN Universities discuss development strategies at the 7th P2A Annual General Meeting

On November 17, the opening ceremony of the 7th P2A Annual General Meeting was held at DTU, with 130 ASEAN universities attending. The event lasted 4 days.
Cu?c h?p thu?ng niên P2A l?n th? 7 m? ra nhi?u co h?i v? h?p tác gi?a các tru?ng Ð?i h?c trong kh?i ASEAN.
The 7th P2A Annual General Meeting at DTU
The objective of this year’s event was to evaluate the 2020-2023 performance results, share information on all activities, discuss, develop plans, and establish development strategies for the next time period. Topics included the  improvement of professional skills and entrepreneurial creativity; academic exchanges; research support; internship and employment in various ASEAN countries; and the development of humanitarian community activities.
The Passage to ASEAN (P2A) is a non-profit Network, established in  2012 by five Institutes of Higher Education, namely: Rangsit University in Thailand; Duy Tan University in Vietnam, Norton University in Cambodia; the National University in Laos; and the Myanmar Computer Institute. The P2A concepts were established based on the philosophy of the ASEAN Charter: “One Vision, One Identity”, creating “one caring and sharing community”. P2A was founded to support all the universities in Southeast Asia, to connect ASEAN students, allow them to exchange their knowledge and experience, and understand more about ASEAN. At the same, P2A also helps ASEAN institutions to adapt to a new generation of globally oriented students.
In 2018, P2A and DTU held the “P2A-ASEAN In One” Student and Coordinators Meeting”, entitled “Discover the Future now and Get Ready for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0, Opportunities and Challenges for ASEAN”. The meeting attracted 200 outstanding students, lecturers and managers from ASEAN, and allowed the participants to gain a deeper insight into the opportunities and challenges arising during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0.
In 2020, with the support of the P2A Secretariat operated by Duy Tan University, the P2A application to become an official entity associated in ASEAN was approved. P2A was listed in Annex 2 of the ASEAN Charter, under the category of “Think Tanks and Academic Institutions”, approved by the ASEAN Secretariat and 10 ASEAN Member States. 
P2A has now expanded to encompass 135 ASEAN universities, colleges and research institutes. Ten of them are from Viet Nam, namely: Duy Tan; Van Lang; FPT; Vung Tau; Dong Nai; Phenika; and Thu Dau Mot universities; the Ha Noi University of Science and Technology; the HCMC University of Economics and Law; Hue University of Education; and the Saigon Business School.
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