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DTU Tourism Management & Aviation Service Students in South Korea on Exchange Term

From September 15 to December 20, thirteen DTU Tourism Management & Aviation Service students from the Hospitality & Tourism Institute (HTi) went on a one-term exchange program to South Korea, under a 2022 cooperation agreement with Chodang University, to share and develop advanced educational models. 
Sinh viên Qu?n tr? D?ch v? Hàng không ÐH Duy Tân v?i H?c k? Trao d?i t?i Hàn Qu?c
DTU Tourism Management & Aviation Service students at Chodang University
The exchange with Chodang University will focus on teaching a basic knowledge and the special skills required in the aviation business, including:
- Practicing in the aircraft cabin
- In-flight beverage preparation
- Makeup techniques
- Physical appearance
- Communications
Each DTU student will be paired up with a Korean student of Aviation, who will accompany and support them in studying the daily use of English in the aviation industry.
Sinh viên Qu?n tr? D?ch v? Hàng không ÐH Duy Tân v?i H?c k? Trao d?i t?i Hàn Qu?c
DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute leaders on a visit to Chodang University
Combining theory and practice in a real-time environment will enable the DTU students to develop the skills required to succeed in the aviation field in the future. In addition, studying in South Korea will expand their cultural horizons and 15 course credits from Chodang University will be transferred to DTU.
“I was happy and proud when I heard that I’d been accepted for the student exchange program at Chodang University, one of the three best institutions for aviation training in South Korea,” said student Le Thi Nha Tam, “This is the first time DTU students of Aviation have come to study here. To supplement this, the tuition fees for the exchange are already fully paid for.”
“We practice a simulated aircraft cabin, which makes things more vivid and realistic. Most of all, we want to thank the leaders of the Hospitality & Tourism Institute in particular, and DTU in general for this unique opportunity to study and gain experience in South Korea.”
Sinh viên Qu?n tr? D?ch v? Hàng không ÐH Duy Tân v?i H?c k? Trao d?i t?i Hàn Qu?c
DTU students practice in a simulated aircraft cabin
Truong Hoang Tuan is one of thirteen students participating in the exchange program and added: “Even though I’ve only been at Chodang University for a short time, studying in an international environment will benefit me more than I had previously thought. For example, I will mature and become more independent in a foreign country and meeting with foreigners will enable me to improve my language and other skills. When we first arrived in South Korea, we all encountered some difficulties writing internship reports. The lecturers at the International Student Support Office were extremely helpful however and assisted us immediately and the educational environment here is similar to DTU in many ways. The lecturers at both universities are highly professional and experienced and look after their students, so we adapted very quickly and got used to the pace of Korean learning.”
Chodang University was founded in 1994, the same year as DTU, and is located in the cultural center of the region, adjacent to the South Jeolla provincial administrative center, in the Muan county Aviation Industry Park, and the Sino-Korean International Industry Park. Chodang University is an outstanding leader in educational reform and has the highest rate of graduates in South Korea finding immediate employment. 
Chodang University’s strengths are in Aviation and Nursing training and it has established the Flight Education Center at the nearby Muan International Airport, with international-standard flight training equipment and sixteen aircraft of different types, all owned by the school, which is considered to be one of the most modern flight crew training facilities in the world.
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