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Samsung Boosts High-Quality Technology Training in Danang

Samsung started implementing the SIC program at DTU in 2022 and 25 students have graduated from the program so far. Samsung is also developing programs in conjunction with the Hanoi University of Information & Communications, and with Hoa Sen University in HCMC. So far, a total of 6,021 students from across Vietnam have completed SIC training.
In 2023, the Samsung Group and DTU jointly implemented the Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC) program to support technological education for the younger generation. The initial phase has already succeeded in improving access to technology and developing the most practical vocational student skills.
Samsung H? tr? Ðào t?o ngu?n Nhân l?c Công ngh? Ch?t lu?ng Cao t?i Ðà N?ng
Dr Le Thanh Long (right) and 4th-year DTU student Bui Khac Minh Thanh (left) 
Samsung will be a training center for Vietnamese IT professionals 
In September, Dr. Le Thanh Long, a lecturer of Computer Science in the School of Engineering & Technology, commented during a meeting with a special envoy from the Yonhap News: “In future, Samsung will be a training center for Vietnamese professionals of the 4.0 industrial revolution, and is already making huge contributions to training talent, while  skills in new technologies like IoT and Big Data are becoming more critical and the demand for specialized manpower is escalating.”
SIC is the global IT education program for young people
The SIC program improves IT skills, including basic programming and coding for three recent technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data, and is available to students from 14 to 24.
The SIC program was designed on a basic educational foundation, combined with the latest technology trends and the latest knowledge and work skills requirements. In-depth online lectures will be conducted in the second semester of every year, particularly to improve the ability of Vietnamese teachers. Students who complete the training course can then put their information & communications technology (ICT) programming skills to use during robotics competitions or internships at the Samsung R&D Center.
Dr. Le Thanh Long said: “Most of the DTU students who completed the SIC training course went on to work in IT, including one at Samsung Vietnam. I also know that there are many companies that provide scholarships to nurture talent, but there are none that provide the type of professional training that Samsung does.”
Bui Khac Minh Thanh is a 21-year-old SIC student ,and dreams of becoming a 3D expert. He said: “Participating in the SIC program helps me in my studies at university, my class grades have also improved and I hope to work at Samsung in the future.”
Samsung H? tr? Ðào t?o ngu?n Nhân l?c Công ngh? Ch?t lu?ng Cao t?i Ðà N?ng
DTU students in the Robot ICT competition
Samsung is also implementing the “Solve for Tomorrow” program, aimed at Vietnamese high school students from 12 to 18 years old. The program applies technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) knowledge to come up with solutions to local problems and other social issues.
“Solve for Tomorrow” was first implemented in 2010 in the US and has now been implemented in 33 countries. The program began in Vietnam in 2019, and 260,000 students are currently participating. Samsung has also been working with the Vietnamese General Directorate of Vocational Training to assist in specialized training for the International Youth Skill Olympics contestants. Before competing, they attend a one-year course at the Samsung Vocational Skills Training Center in Korea. At the 2015 Olympics in Brazil, a contestant who had undergone special training at Samsung was awarded a bronze medal and became the  very first Vietnamese winner. 
Samsung H? tr? Ðào t?o ngu?n Nhân l?c Công ngh? Ch?t lu?ng Cao t?i Ðà N?ng
DTU library
President of the Samsung Vietnam Complex, Mr. Choi Joo Ho said: “Younger people who wish to take advantage of the modern technologies, with super connections and super intelligence, must be able to exploit the use of digital information systems & technology. Soon, Samsung will expand the SIC program all over Vietnam. Our program improves basic competitiveness, nurtures technical talent, and helps young people realize their dreams. In doing so, we hope to become the most beloved company in all of Vietnam.”
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