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A Talkshow on Preparing for an Impressive Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Immediate Interview

On May 21, the DTU Skills Club held a talk show entitled; “Preparing for an Impressive Curriculum Vitae and Immediate Interview”, featuring two speakers, Ms. Adele Doan, founder of CareerLab, and Mr. Nguyen Van Hanh, Vice president of JCI, who shared their experiences on writing an effective CV and on how to excel in demanding job interviews.
Talkshow “CV hay - Ph?ng v?n ngay”
Nguyen Duc Thinh 
Nguyen Duc Thinh, Chairman of DTU Skills Club, said: “We all recognize the importance of acquiring the necessary basic education to secure the best jobs on graduation. Writing an effective CV and then making a positive impression in the interview are critical skills for graduating students. Today, we heard many suggestions from our two guests which we can now apply in job applications. As Chairman of the DTU Skills Club, I trust that such activities will boost student self confidence to escape from their comfort zone and seize the best future opportunities.”
Talkshow “CV hay - Ph?ng v?n ngay”
Students have a mock interview with Ms. Adele Doan
Mr. Hanh discussed the necessary skills for students to write an impressive CV. He suggested that, in listing experiences and achievements so far, students should emphasize how their specific personalities align with the job position they are applying for. 
Students should then submit comprehensive but simple CVs and pay close attention to formatting their Word document professionally. By creating outstanding CVs, students increase their chances of qualifying for an interview. 
In order to help applicants students prepare for an interview, Ms. Adele Doan emphasized the importance of thorough preparation, when they should research the company, the job position they have chosen and why. The candidates should also be prepared to answer the standard questions asked by recruiters. She added that they should be careful to use appropriate interview language to demonstrate their professionalism, friendliness and self-confidence. 
The attendees were then able to engage in mock interviews with Ms. Doan, to familiarize themselves with the interview process and practice answering questions. The experts then answered detailed questions from the students, offering them valuable advice on how to succeed.
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