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Talkshow - "Career Journeys in Hospitality, Events, Entertainment and Aviation"

On May 13, the  DTU School of Hospitality and Tourism held a talk show entitled: "Career Journeys in Hospitality, Events,  Entertainment and Aviation." The objective was to arrange for K28 students to meet with experienced staff in the field of Travel & Tourism. Attendees included Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Chairman of the Danang Travel Association and Director-General of Omega Tours; Mr. Le Ba Hoang, CEO of Osen Vietnam; Ms. Le Hong Tu, Director of the BT TOUR company; Mr. Tran Van Hoa, Head of Tour Guiding Department of Vietravel Danang; Dr. Bui Kim Luan, Vice-Rector of the DTU School of Tourism; MSc. Tran Thi Tu Nhi, Dean of the Faculty of International Travel and Tourism; DTU  lecturers and students.
To? dàm “Hành trình S? nghi?p - Du l?ch L? hành, S? ki?n & Gi?i trí, Hàng không”
MSc. Tran Thi Tu Nhi said “Within the framework of the Career 2 project, the School of Tourism has arranged several activities to orientate you in your career planning. You are the future of Danang tourism and you must understand the qualifications required to prepare yourselves for a suitable position in this field, This is the reason we are holding this workshop.”
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh gave an assessment of the recovery and redevelopment of tourism in Danang since the  pandemic, looking at the opportunities and challenges that Travel, Tourism, Events & Entertainment, and Aviation graduates are currently facing.
To? dàm “Hành trình S? nghi?p - Du l?ch L? hành, S? ki?n & Gi?i trí, Hàng không”
DTU students ask questions 
Ms. Le Hong Tu discussed the shift in tourism trends in recent years and said: “Firstly, tourist habits have changed. Visitors used to prefer group tours but are now looking for new options to satisfy their individual needs, such as culture and nature tours. Meanwhile, students need to appreciate this and keep up with the latest trends.” 
Mr. Le Ba Hoang then talked about the potential development of various types of services in the future. The talk show gave students a better understanding of the tourism industry in Danang and motivated them to work hard to achieve their personal ambitions. 
To? dàm “Hành trình S? nghi?p - Du l?ch L? hành, S? ki?n & Gi?i trí, Hàng không”
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