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DTU Environmental Sciences Major Ranked in 401-450 Band by QS by Subject in 2023

In March, DTU Environmental Sciences was ranked internationally by QS in the 401-450 range by subject, one of the nine fields the university was listed in, together with Vietnam National University in HCMC. This accomplishment is attributable to the fine work of both lecturers and lecturers over the years in education and research development.
ÐH Duy Tân và ÐH Qu?c gia TP.HCM cùng x?p ? nhóm 401-450 th? gi?icho linh v?c Khoa h?c Môi tru?ng (QS 2023)
DTU and VNU Ho Chi Minh City 
Competing to employ highly qualified graduates 
Every DTU Environmental Science minor, and others, are employed immediately on graduation, with incomes ranging from 10 to 12 million VND/month. Recruiting companies include:
- MD Environmental Technology in Quang Ngai
- EUC LLC in Binh Duong
- Wordtech in Danang
- Nam Da Thanh in Danang
- Nhat Thanh Vinh in Danang
Các phòng thí nghi?m t?i ÐH Duy Tân du?c trang b? d?y d? v?t d?ng, ph?c v? nhi?u lo?i thí nghi?m
DTU laboratories are fully equipped for experimentation
In order to achieve these rankings, DTU assembled a team of experienced lecturers, who studied in France, Germany, Belgium, South-Korea and elsewhere before coming to Vietnam. The CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate) model is used to teach:
- Analysis and assessment of technology management and operations
- Design and technical & technology consulting
- Construction, project supervision
- Operation of water, exhaust gases and solid waste treatment systems
- Identification and evaluation of interactions between resources with economic and community activities
CDIO is used widely in developed countries to teach Technology and Engineering courses, and motivates students to take a greater interest in their studies, work harder and master their majors. DTU Vice-Provost Dr. Tran Nhat Tan currently sits on the council of the Asia-Pacific CDIO Initiative, and is the only Vietnamese representative.
Practical research provides an in-depth understanding of the environmental
DTU Environmental Science lecturers have studied for PhD or postdoctoral degrees at major universities for several years or work as exchange lecturers, returning from abroad equipped with innovative and practical teaching methods. They involve their students in research projects from the outset, to demonstrate real time environmental situations and come up with appropriate solutions. Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong is a DTU Environmental Sciences lecturer, well-known as a dedicated researcher of practical environmental issues. She works on the banks of the Thu Bon River or on beaches near Hoi An, to advise and consult on the construction of submerged seawalls and the prevention of erosion on rivers or the seashore.
 ngành Khoa h?c Môi tru?ng
Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong (upper left) surveys the Thu Bon river
Other research topics include ways of solving environmental issues, such as the treatment of domestic waste, the treatment of textile dyes and aquatic wastewater, and the assessment of the quality of marine life after the Formosa incident. Recently, DTU advised the Danang authorities on some vital current issues, such as landslides, beach erosion, groundwater salinization, and water availability during the dry season. With the support of their lecturers, facilities and equipment, creative DTU students have devised experimental research projects and come up with some very practical and feasible results. These include:
- The production of bio-concrete from coconut shells and rice husks
- The refining of biodiesel fuel from cooking oil waste
- The design of a wastewater treatment systems using aquatic plants and chitosan from shrimp shells
- The conversion of solid waste for use in everyday applications
- The production of biodiesel fuel from rubber seed oil
DTU Environmental Science students also work with Singapore Polytechnic students to visit production facilities at traditional craft villages, such as the Phuoc Kieu weaving and bronze casting craft village; the bamboo and rattan craft villages in Quang Nam province; and the Tuy Loan craft village, which makes Quang noodles and rice paper in Danang. They study ways of increasing productivity and working more efficiently to solve environmental problems at the villages.
DTU Environmental Science students win local and international awards
As a result of their research, brave, intelligent and talented DTU students have come up with ideas, implemented projects, and participated in several local and international competitions associated with their work.
Ngành môi tru?ng c?a ÐH Duy Tân thu?c Top 401-450 theo QS World Rankings by Subjects 2023
DTU students of Environmental Sciences win major international awards
Since 2013, DTU students have competed in:
- In 2013, the “Low-Cost Do-It-Yourself Water-Filtering System for Farmers” project, by students Vo Truong Hoang Linh and Nguyen The Quynh Nhi, won CDIO Academy Cups for both their basic and advanced projects at Harvard University and MIT
- In 2018, “A regenerative braking system that converts friction into electricity” project, by students Doan Thi Thu Ha and Nguyen Thi Thanh, won the prestigious Women in Business award at the Go Green in the City contest in Atlanta
- In 2021, The “G-Hug” Lambo Teamsau team project for reusable rubber products won a third prize nationwide, and two “Favorite Project” and “Most Outstanding Encouragement” sub-prizes at the ECO-n contest.
Research conducted by DTU Environmental Science majors has demonstrated their focus on the realities of life and their desire to influence the community perception of issues related to the environment, especially resource management, currently vital issues throughout Vietnam.
For detailed enrollment information, see http://tuyensinh.duytan.edu.vn
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