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DTU Architecture and Construction Majors Ranked in the Top 201-230 Worldwide by QS

In addition to guaranteeing an internationally accredited education, several DTU programs have appeared in the QS World Rankings by subject for the first time, including the DTU Architecture & Construction majors, which entered the 201-230 range globally. 
Ki?n trúc-Xây d?ng ÐH Duy Tân Top 201-230 th? gi?i theo QS 2023
DTU Architecture & Construction majors
Currently, the DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering offers majors in: 
- Construction Engineering, with minors in Civil & Industrial Engineering, CSU-standard Civil & Industrial Engineering
- Construction Engineering Technology, with minors in Construction Engineering Management and Building Management Operations
- Transport Construction Engineering, with a minor in Road & Bridge Construction
The DTU Faculty of Architecture and Applied Arts has courses in:
- Architecture, with minors in CSU standard Architecture
- Interior Design
- Graphic Design 
- Fashion Design
DTU partners with California State University, in Fullerton and Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo (CSU - CalState), the two leading universities on the American West Coast in Architecture & Construction, to develop the first advanced international programs in the Central region of Vietnam, and winning prizes at major contests nationwide over the years as a result. 
ngành Ki?n trúc và Xây d?ng
High quality Architecture & Construction programs
Graduates are awarded 19 to 21 international course Completion Certificates by CSU, recognized globally. Throughout their studies, DTU Civil Engineering students use the PBL (Project Based Learning) and PD (Project Design) methods in Architecture & CDIO, used for many years in developed countries worldwide to motivate student interest in active studying, broaden their knowledge and develop their soft skills. 
DTU Architecture and Construction graduates are now guaranteed immediate employment 
 “Training on demand” has become routine at DTU, as increasing numbers of companies come to the university to “order” manpower. Even third-year Architecture & Civil Engineering students are now quickly offered excellent career opportunities prior to graduation.
Recently, Cao Tran Phi Vy, from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in the DTU School of Engineering & Technology (SET), was one of only three qualified students nationwide to receive a Hoa Binh “Blue Compass” scholarship, worth 100 million VND. He will work at Hoa Binh for three years without a probationary period.
Cao Tran Phi Vy (second from right)
Almost 100 percent of DTU Architecture & Construction graduates are employed upon graduation, in recognition of educational excellence. Starting salaries range from 10 to15 million VND per month and increase to 20 to 30 million after 10 years. However, experienced Project Managers working on large projects can earn from 70 to 100 million a month.
Architecture & Construction graduates benefit from 100 jobs offered every year at companies founded by DTU alumni and other DTU partners, including JIBANNET ASIA and VACS from Japan, the An Cuong Company, the VICO Corporation and the CDC Design Company.
Ki?n trúc-Xây d?ng ÐH Duy Tân Top 201-230 th? gi?i theo QS 2023
Dinh Van Tam, a DTU alumnus and creator of the 2023 “Miss Cat” sculpture 
New DTU graduates have set up their own companies, or design and construct unique buildings:
- Nguyen Truong Phu is General Director at the Phu Nhat Thang company with 6 showrooms in Danang, HCMC, Hue, Quang Tri, Quang Binh and Binh Dinh 
- Le Quang Trung is Director of SBS HOUSE, with 3 showrooms in Danang and Quang Tri 
- Tran Cong Thu, who won a first prize at the 2012 Architecture Festival, is General Director of VietConstruction Design & Construction
- Pham Quang Luan, who won a first prize in Quick Design B and a Well-Rounded prize at the 2018 Architecture Festival, is Director of the Cala Group  
- Dinh Van Tam, a DTU alumnus is the creator of the 2023 “Miss Cat” Sculpture. 
For more detailed information on enrollment, please visit: http://tuyensinh.duytan.edu.vn
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