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The Third DTU School of Economics Student Research Conference

On May 16, the DTU School of Economics held a Student Research Conference to present and evaluate student research projects. This was the third annual meeting to select submissions for the university wide DTU Research Conference.
H?i ngh? Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c Sinh viên Tru?ng Kinh t? l?n th? III nam 2023
Associate Professor Dr. Phan Thanh Hai 
School of Economics Provost, Associate Professor Dr. Phan Thanh Hai, said: “Since 2020, the School of Economics has held this conference to present, evaluate and select student research projects for school-level and city-level competitions. This is an opportunity for our students to demonstrate their research skills, their capabilities and creativity, to exchange information with others, and improve their practical knowledge and experience.”
“In addition the conference is important because it highlights the responsibilities of our lecturers to mentor and develop our students’ research capabilities. I’d like to encourage our faculty members to focus even more strongly on promoting research activities, spread the word, engage more participants, and hold events of practical significance to motivate students to become dedicated to learning in conjunction with extensive research.”
H?i ngh? Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c Sinh viên Tru?ng Kinh t? l?n th? III nam 2023
Associate Professor Dr. Hai awards the First Prize
The committee evaluated twenty student research papers and selected thirteen for publication in the proceedings. The leading seven were chosen for presentation based on their structure and research methods used. Overall, certificates were awarded to ninety School of Economics students, including:
First prize: 
- “Factors affecting students’ personal financial management skills”
Two second prizes:
- “Research on the satisfaction of the Loship delivery service among DTU students”
- “Research on the factors affecting startup intentions of university students in Danang”
Two third prizes:
- “Improving the social responsibility of the Hoa Tho Textile & Garment Company”
- “Research on the factors affecting the spending of DTU students”
Two consolation prizes:
- “Research on the factors affecting income of workers in industrial zones in Danang in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic”
- “Research on the factors affecting personal financial investment intentions among economics students in Danang
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