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DTU student Wins Bronze at 2022 National Vovinam Championship

Overcoming opponents from all over the country, Pham Huy Hoang, a student of Automotive Engineering Technology at the DTU School of Engineering & Technology, won a bronze medal at the XIIIth National Vovinam Club Championship 2022. The contest was held in Quang Ngai from March 15 to 24, 2022, between 351 athletes competing for 48 sets of medals in 26 combat weight classes and 22 performance events.
“I competed in a combat category, weight class of 68 kg without age limit,” Huy Hoang explains. “When I first entered the arena, I was a little overwhelmed as I’m rather small and I saw many older people who are undoubtedly hugely experienced.”
Ph?m Huy Hoàng c?a ÐH Duy Tân “rinh” Huy Chuong Ð?ng Vovinam Toàn qu?c 2022
Pham Huy Hoang (blue shirt on third-place block) received a bronze medal
In the first round, Hoang lost one point. During the second round, he lost three points in a row. In the last minute of the second round, he figured out his opponent and got to score two points. In the third round, he focused on out-boxer techniques and looked out for openings allowing him to counterattack. When his opponent struck exactly like Hoang expected, he hit his opponent’s body armor with his right hand, making the armor explode. Now leading one point, the tables were suddenly turned and at the last minute Hoang won the bout.
“Winning a bronze medal at a big contest made me really happy,” Huy Hoang says. “Before, I won a bronze medal at the 2019 Phu Dong Health Association contest and a bronze medal at the 2020 National Vovinam Club Championship. These prizes are very meaningful and give me confidence in sports to improve my strength and health and to be better in my studies now and my work later.”
Huy Hoang learnt vovinam after his father’s advice. “My father said, if you want to defend yourself and the people close to you, you need to learn some martial art. After that I did some research and I found vovinam is a lot of fun, so I suddenly wanted to stick with it long-term.”
Ph?m Huy Hoàng c?a ÐH Duy Tân “rinh” Huy Chuong Ð?ng Vovinam Toàn qu?c 2022
Pham Huy Hoang (red helmet) during a fight
According to Hoang, what sets vovinam apart are the principle of strength with suppleness and the application of many interesting moves using limbs and the whole body, and especially using the legs such as for neck clamps. Learning Vovinam helps develop intellect, willpower, resilience, and a strong spirit to overcome the myriad difficulties of life.
Hoang’s main difficulty is strength; he is on the small side. After studying with vovinam trainer Mr Le Xuan Vuong, who taught Hoang and many of his friends from complete beginners to skilled competitors, Hoang’s strength improved considerably. He gained weight, from 60 kg to 68 kg, and his body grew stronger and firmer. “Mr Vuong is very strict when training, but merry and funny to create a relaxed atmosphere for his students,” Hoang explains. “The fun of exercising always raises my spirits. And not only that; whenever I participate in vovinam tournaments, I find the fellowship between learners from all over the country and around the world to be very high and they are always ready to help each other out.”
Ph?m Huy Hoàng c?a ÐH Duy Tân “rinh” Huy Chuong Ð?ng Vovinam Toàn qu?c 2022
The prize is testament to the efforts of this DTU student
of Automotive Engineering Technology
Each day, Hoang spends two hours in morning and afternoon to train: punching the heavybag, weightlifting, rope-skipping, shadowboxing, push-ups techniques, foot-catching, kicking power training, side rotations, and arena strategy and psychology. This makes Hoang very prompt and able to deal with anything that might happen during a fight. Besides vovinam, Hoang likes golf and browsing the internet to learn about life and society -knowledge he will use in his future jobs.
Studying Automotive Engineering Technology is fun and instructive
Hoang adores learning about car design and engineering. His choice to study a major he likes therefore inspires him a lot.
“The lecturers all teach every single bit of knowledge or professional skill with enthusiasm,” Hoang explains. “We’re yet to feel bored in class. Especially the subject Career Orientation by Prof. Truong Dinh Phong is so much fun. He gives interesting questions and exercises, making the students inspired and determined to do more detailed research, which makes us remember the knowledge ever more deeply. I’m very happy with what I have. I always balance vovinam training with my studies. I combine physical training with learning specialized knowledge to be confident of my knowledge and health when I’ll graduate, to do the work I like.”
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