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Graduation Projects of DTU Architecture Students Win Many Prizes

Despite the impact of Covid-19, DTU implemented online education and holds remote Thesis and Graduation Project Defenses to ensure that students can graduate timely in June. With the guidance of MSc. in Architecture Tran Ngoc Phuong, the graduation project entitled “The Ru Cha Wetland Park” by K22 student Le Van Hoang, majoring in CSU Civil & Industrial Engineering at the DTU International School, won the Special-Subject prize and the consolation prize of the “2021 Student Green Architecture Awards” by the Vietnam Urban Development Planning Association.     
Ð? án T?t nghi?p c?a Sinh viên Ki?n trúc DTU d?t nhi?u thành tích
Le Van Hoang
The project is considered useful for community and society
Recognizing that the graduation project entitled “The Ru Cha Wetland Park” of Le Van Hoang was very qualified, unique, and feasible, MSc. in Architecture Tran Ngoc Phuong, the DTU lecturer who directly instructed Le Van Hoang, encouraged him to participate in the 2021 Student Green Awards (SGA), which was one of three main events in the 2021 Green Building Week to honor outstanding graduation projects in 2020-2021. To win prizes in 2021 SGA, projects needed to meet several criteria, including creativity, sustainable location and resiliense, passive design, green technology, indoor environmental quality, and efficient resource use.       
“The Ru Cha Wetland Park” graduation project was highly appreciated by the professional council and was awarded the Special-Subject prize. Talking about his reason for choosing this project, Van Hoang said: “Urban green space is shrinking due to strong urban development. People’s mental health is also at risk due to the impact of COVID-19. Consequently, I want to create a green space for everyone to relax and feel more comfortable. Moreover, with the project, people will know the importance of wetland ecosystems, contributing to a reduction of global climate change.”  
Ð? án T?t nghi?p c?a Sinh viên Ki?n trúc DTU d?t nhi?u thành tích
Le Van Hoang receives the special-subject prize of the “2021 Student Green Architecture Award”
Buildings in urban areas cause more than 70% of greenhouse gas emissions globally although they just account for 3% of area. Urbanization due to rapid economic development has put pressure on the people in Huong Tra town, Thua Thien Hue province because public green space is shrinking due to developing aquaculture and construction there. Based on the development orientation of tourism in Thua Thien Hue province, Ru Cha is a potential site for the development of a wetland ecosystem.   
Wetlands not only provide people with water, food, and plants for the production of medicines, but they are also agricultural places attracting tourism. Besides, wetlands are areas of biodiversity and migration places for rare water birds. Especially, wetland ecosystems play an important role in disaster damage reduction, water quality maintenance, groundwater replenishment, carbon storage, climate regulation, and pest control. The main construction materials are available in the province: bamboo, wood, and straw. The positive change of the built environment will solve the food, water, and energy crisis, slow climate change and speed up the recovery of rural areas. 
… and highly appreciated by the Vietnam Urban Development Planning Association 
To honor the efforts of lecturers and encourage the high creative spirit at universities offering Planning, Urban Technical Infrastructure, and City Management nationwide, the Vietnam Urban Development Planning Association announced prizes for outstanding graduation projects. 
Ð? án T?t nghi?p c?a Sinh viên Ki?n trúc DTU d?t nhi?u thành tích
Le Van Hoang’s graduation project
Hoang’s graduation project was highly appreciated and was awarded the Consolation prize. Hoang is also the only one in central Vietnam receiving a prize. When he learnt that he had won the consolation prize, he excitedly said: “I feel very happy that my project receives recognition. Although it is just a consolation prize, it is the results of efforts by me and my instructor, MSc. in Architecture Tran Ngoc Phuong. I had many difficulties when working on my graduation project under time pressure, but I finished it timely thanks to the support and encouragement of my lecturers. After studying the international standard program at DTU for 5 years, I feel very confident to begin a new chapter in my life.”
One of the most outstanding points of the Architecture major at DTU is the advanced international programs from collaborations between DTU and leading universities in the world. Typically, the program Van Hoang has studied at DTU is one for which DTU partnered with California State University in Fullerton, the biggest university in the California State University network, and with Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, one of the five leading American universities in Architecture. Besides, DTU regularly exchanges students and lecturers with foreign universities such as Singapore Polytechnic, Universitas Islam Indonesia, and so on, to bring them opportunities to experience education at different universities in the world.
DTU Architecture Students Are Talented and Spirited
With a dynamic and modern environment, every year DTU Architecture students win many prizes, including:
- (Only) first-place award in the Loa Thanh Civil Engineering and Architecture Tournament in 2021. 
- The Asia-Pacific Regional IDEERS Champions Cup at the 2014 IDEERS convention, third prize and consolation prize in 2013, 2015, and 2019.   
- Dozens of first prizes, second prizes, third prizes in Architecture festivals from 2010 to 2016.
- A consolation prize in the 2019 Student Graduation Project Award
- A consolation prize and Subject-special prize in the 2020 Student Green Architecture Awards 
- The top 100 outstanding submissions in the 2020 American Graphic Design Awards competition 
- A 2021 “American Graphic Design Awards” trophy in the Student Work category
The Project-Based Learning/Problem-Based Learning (PBL) method is used to teach DTU students in Architecture. This method helps students be active in their studies and promotes creativity in interaction. In addition to professional knowledge, they also develop many useful skills such as designing, using IT, English, and teamwork. These are the reasons why students are confident and spirited in international and domestic competitions and this is also a plus for recruiters.
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