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One More Third Prize for DTU Student Informatics Olympiad Prizes Collection

Bui Duc Huy, a student of CMU-standard Software Engineering at the DTU International School, won a third prize in the specialist section of the 30th Vietnamese Student Informatics Olympiad and 2021 International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) Asia in Hanoi.
Tham gia d? thi kh?i chuyên tin - kh?i thi cá nhân có s? lu?ng thí sinh d? thi dông nh?t v?i 171 sinh viên
Duc Huy (right), with Dr Huynh Ba Dieu and Nguyen Ngoc Hung, won a third prize in the specialist section
Diverse competition format and huge number of contestants
About 700 students from 67 universities and colleges throughout the country gathered in Hanoi from March 22 to 25 for the contest. The individuals specialist section counted most contestants, with 171 students. With his confidence and his experience from having taken part several times already, Duc Huy finished the contest with 242/400 points, meriting a third prize.
“The questions were very interesting this year; there were many tough parts to test our ability to deal with issues, our alertness, and our creativity,” Duc Huy explained. “I was quite relaxed when competing. My score was not yet as high as expected, but the contest provided me with extra experience to do better at other contests as well as in my studies.”
Furthermore, Nguyen Ngoc Hung also won a third prize in the specialist section and Tran Van Loi won a consolation prize in the non-specialist section of this year’s contest. Duc Huy’s ACM-ICPC team (with Truong Van Thanh and Pham An Mai Thao) also won a third prize in this year’s Central Vietnam ACM-ICPC contest and a consolation prize in the national ACM-ICPC selection round.
Prizes from passion
Duc Huy is currently studying his third year (class K25) in the CMU-standard Advanced program in Software Engineering (in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, US). He received a full scholarship upon admission to DTU in 2019.
“I love informatics, which is why, when taking part in the training sessions for competitions held by Prof. Huynh Ba Dieu, I receive a lot of knowledge,” Duc Huy explains. “Prof. Huynh Ba Dieu and Prof. Nguyen Quoc Long always enthusiastically give thorough guidance to the students in the team. It’s thanks to this experience we receive from them and from high-year students that I’m very confident when competing. And I’m also very inspired every time I’m in class.”
Thêm gi?i ba vào 'b? suu t?p' gi?i thu?ng Olympic Tin h?c cho sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân
Duc Huy (second from left) with his lecturers and friends
Besides setting down consistently outstanding results with 3.82/4 points the school year just past, Duc Huy also won many other prizes. He loves reading comic books and drawing. He also regularly browses the web to read the news in IT, to get a lot of additional knowledge for his career after he graduates.
“The university organized online education very well, allowing students’ studies to go on uninterrupted. Studying IT, I’m aware that’s no mean feat with thousands of students. From this, I understand even more how vital the development of IT is for ordinary people as living standards are on the rise.”
Thêm gi?i ba vào 'b? suu t?p' gi?i thu?ng Olympic Tin h?c cho sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân
Dr. Huynh Ba Dieu is currently a lecturer for the CMU-standard programs at the DTU International School. During the more than twenty years he has been teaching at DTU, he has guided the DTU Informatics Olympiad team ever since 2003. Students competing in the Informatics Olympiad under his guidance have won a huge lot of prizes, such as:
? first prize in 2008,
? third prize in 2019,
? second prize in 2020,
? two third prizes specialist section and one consolation prize non-specialist section in 2022.
“Students nowadays have an excellent level of English, allowing them to peruse and learn from a huge many specialized books and magazines,” Dr Huynh Ba Dieu explains. “Those who study hard will therefore always have chances to join the huge labor market with high remuneration. The DTU students I personally coached for their participation in the Olympiad, whether they won prizes or not,  have all been excellent members. Many alumni are now working at key positions in many different businesses.
“For a teacher, unceasing study and updating knowledge in service of one’s students is a lifetime undertaking. I’m very happy with my students’ successes in their studies and their work, and these students’ successes are also the success of every one of the university lecturers standing before their classrooms.”
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