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DTU Helps Out-of-Province Students Stay in Da Nang During the Pandemic

DTU has launched a COVID-19 Student Support Fund to assist out-of-province students to stay in Danang during the pandemic, in the spirit of solidarity and the motto "Good leaves cover torn leaves."
DTU students volunteer to work at medical checkpoints, and present gifts to the staff there
During the latest wave of virus infections, the Danang government continued to extend social distancing and tougher restrictions from July 31 to August 16. All activities were suspended, and residents were banned from leaving their homes. Consequently, many DTU out-of-province students could not return to their hometowns or work part-time to make ends meet. 
Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet, Secretary of the DTU Youth Union, said: “The DTU Youth Union quickly coordinated with the university Board of Provosts and Trade Union to make a list of all the needy students currently residing in DTU dormitories or hostels. The DTU Student Support Fund was then established to provide financial support worth 165 million VND to 412 students, so that they could remain in Danang. In the previous outbreak, the DTU Youth Union also distributed out-of-province students with food and other essential supplies." 
Doctor Anh Hong, in a blue shirt, helped establish the “Free Emergency Aid” program  
Several of those out-of-province students then promptly volunteered to join the fight against the pandemic by assisting frontline healthcare workers at the Lien Chieu, Hai Chau and Hoa Vang district health centers. They took turns working at medical checkpoints; making anti-droplet hats; and delivering food to those in blockaded areas, despite the hardships and danger.
DTU lecturers and staff also volunteered, in the hope that the pandemic would soon be overcome, and our lives soon adjust to the new normal. For example, Doctor Pham Thi Anh Hong, who lecturers on Disaster and Preclinical Medicine in the DTU Faculty of Medicine, collaborated with the medical team at the Phuc Khang Hospital on the “Free Emergency Aid” program, to support the medical sector and promote social distancing. Her team is ready at all times to help patients in their homes or transport them to the Phuc Khang Hospital or elsewhere at no cost, depending on requirements. 
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