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Development of the Communist Party at Universities - the DTU Model

Attracting committed, talented, knowledgeable and moral individuals to the Party is difficult, but the DTU Party has carefully analyzed the situation and obtained positive results.
DTU Party Committee Head of Staff, Le Cong Kinh, speaks about the development the DTU Party branch 
(Source: Dinh Tang)
Exploiting the role of the Party organization and development
When it was founded in 1994, the DTU Party branch had only three members. Since then, the university has experienced some major difficulties, especially involving social issues, economic problems and the considerable impact of the pandemic.
“To ensure that Party development work is qualitatively and quantitatively effective and meets requirements, the university Party Committee has issued a new resolution about strengthening the Party leadership to recruitment new members,” explained Party Committee Vice-Secretary and DTU Vice-Provost, Dr. Vo Thanh Hai. “The resolution has designated sub-branches responsible for assisting departments without members to follow up and help find qualified nonmembers to join the Union, the Youth Union and university student movement. At the same time, they will monitor and evaluate activity and training to complete their assigned duties.”
Phát tri?n d?ng trong tru?ng h?c: Mô hình t? tru?ng Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
The Eighth DTU Party Branch Congress, 2020-2025
Sub-branch duties include following up on the identification of prospective nonmembers and introducing them to the Party, sub-branches and Party members, who will also be have the duplicate responsibility for promoting Party objectives and, at the same time, encouraging new membership.
Comrade Le Cong Kinh, Party Committee member and DTU Party Committee Head of Staff, adds that the DTU Party branch has appointed 251 new members over the last 25 years. New Honors students who become Party members will be retained by the university, trained and oriented to become key university staff. 
During the 2015-2020 term, the university Party branch welcomed 140 new members, 110.4% of its objective. The Party Committee linked the enrolment of new members to its work on planning, training and fostering university personnel.  Many members have been promoted or appointed to positions of leadership, ranging from lower levels up to the Board of Provosts and the Party Branch Executive Committee.
Initial experience
According to DTU Party Committee Head of Staff, Le Cong Kinh, the DTU Party branch has a broad understanding of Party and State academic policies and has been strengthening to apply them to life at DTU. The university Party branch has focused on maintaining a spirit of confidence and responsibility in the workplace by selecting and welcoming new and interesting breakthroughs, with the support of the Danang authorities.
Phát tri?n d?ng trong tru?ng h?c: Mô hình t? tru?ng Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
DTU has many graduates who now teach but meanwhile fulfill their assigned Party duties
DTU is a private university, but Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, Party Committee Secretary and Board of Trustees Chairman, is always attentive to the development of a highly dependable branch, strictly conforming to the organizational standards of the Party. Although DTU is a private institute, it is still very successful and recently has become the beacon of education in Danang.
The DTU Party has learned how to formulate the Branch Executive Committee regulations and how to team with the Board of Trustees, Board of Provosts and local authorities. This clearly delineates their functions, duties and jurisdictions of each, but creates a high level of unification between the Party branch and the various parts of the university. The branch understands the importance of mobilizing to assemble and develop a team of talented intellectuals at DTU.
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