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Celebration of the 130th Birthday of Former President Ho Chi Minh and Proclamation of the 2020 University “Youthful Examples of the Advancement of Uncle Ho’s Words” Campaign

On May 24, DTU celebrated Uncle Ho’s 130th birthday and proclaimed the university’s “Youthful Examples of the Advancement of Uncle Ho’s Words” campaign. Mr. Le Cong Hung, Youth Union Vice-Secretary and President of the Danang Student Association; Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Thao, Student Association Vice-President; Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, Acting DTU Vice-Provost and Vice-Secretary of the DTU Party Standing Committee and many DTU Youth Union members attended.
L? k? ni?m 130 nam Ngày sinh Ch? t?ch H? Chí Minh và Tuyên duong guong Thanh niên Tiên ti?n làm theo l?i Bác c?p tru?ng nam 2020
Party Committee representatives and the DTU Board of Provosts accept the Youth Work campaign from the university’s Youth Union and Student Association
In her speech looking back on the 130 years to Ho’s birthday, DTU university Union Vice-Secretary Thi Tuyet said: “When Uncle Ho was still alive, he was Chairman of the Nation and supreme leader of the Party, but every May 19, on his birthday, he refused to celebrate and instructed local and state authorities not to hold parties, because he did not want to squander people’s time and money during wartime, while their lives were still full of peril and hardship. Every year, on his birthday, we all sense his supreme simplicity and humility, with is still a valuable reminder for us all in any period of our history. We can look back at his shining example of revolutionary morals and learn from his exemplary virtues. By launching the “Vietnamese Youth Learning and Working Following Ho Chi Minh’s Moral Example” campaign, implemented by the Central Union, young people all over the country, particularly at DTU, can perfect their morals and lifestyles with youthful determination to contribute to our national development.”
On Uncle Ho’s 130th birthday, the DTU University Union implemented the “Pride of the Youth in Uncle Ho’s Generation” political movement, launched by the Danang Youth Union. An online multiple-choice questionnaire on two specific topics about the life and revolutionary career of Chairman Ho Chi Minh was provided for the 2020 Union cadre, members and young people to complete and the contest attracted 5,000 DTU Union members and students.
L? k? ni?m 130 nam Ngày sinh Ch? t?ch H? Chí Minh và Tuyên duong guong Thanh niên Tiên ti?n làm theo l?i Bác c?p tru?ng nam 2020
Individuals and collectives with outstanding achievements receive certificates at the celebration
The university Union furthermore created and promoted their activity of “An example a week”, aimed at publicizing examples of studying, volunteering, research, startups, and Union or Association work. Some noteworthy exemplary people are Union member Nguyen Pham Cong Duc, lecturer and Chairman of the Young Researcher and Startup Club at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering with many inventions and scientific research achievements; Union member Ngo Dinh Nam, Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine Union Branch and active in volunteering and innovation for community life; Union member Le Thi Thu Ngan, Secretary of the K23 Union branch and KEU-QTH student in the International School ADP program; or Union member Nguyen Thanh An, Member of the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Medicine Union Branch with outstanding achievements in studying, research, startup, and international integration. These are only some of the many exemplary people for young people at DTU in studying and in following the moral example of Ho Chi Minh.
The Standing Committee of the DTU Union decided to award many certificates and prizes. Among these, 2 comrades were named city-level young example of advancing by Ho Chi Minh’s words and 25 were named 2020 university-level young example of advancing by Uncle Ho’s words. Certificates of merit were awarded to 13 collectives and 30 individuals with outstanding achievements in the recent fight against Covid-19 at the university and received a prize in the contest to design media products against Covid-19.
With their youthful enthusiasm and readiness to volunteer for the community, the young Union and Party members at DTU have made many contributions to Danang in particular and to the comprehensive development of the nation in general. They are exemplary young Union and Party members advancing for the emulation movement of young people in Danang and for the development and protection of their Fatherland. They uphold the spirit of volunteering, and study and train without end to affirm the position of “young people of Ho Chi Minh’s time” in society.
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