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DTU Students Participate in Blood Donation Day

On May 9th, the DTU Youth Union partnered with Danang Hospital to hold a blood donation day. This was the second time DTU has held a blood donation day in 2019 with the participation of many DTU lecturers and students.

Hundreds of DTU students queued early in the morning to give blood. For many years, DTU has been a pioneer in holding blood donation days and charitable activities in general.  
A lot of volunteering DTU students in blue helped the medical team instruct students on how to complete the registration form, copy the information of the blood donors and arrange the medical tools. Beforehand, DTU faculties had announced the schedule of the blood donation day through their forums and Facebook.
Before giving blood, each student had a medical test
Particularly, when giving blood, students would get to know their blood types, which is essential and convenient in daily healthcare and the like.
This was the fifth time that Vo Trong Hai, a K24 student of Accounting, had donated blood. He shared: “One of my family members is sick and sometimes needs blood transfusions. Therefore, I can understand the importance of blood donation. This is a meaningful activity for us in order to give help to people in need.”
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