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DTU Green Summer Voluntary Campaign 2018

In June, more than one hundred DTU students and lecturers participated in the Green Summer Voluntary Campaign, with the theme of “Participating in the trend to build new-style rural areas” at Phuoc Dong hamlet in Binh Phuoc commune, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province. This annual activity of the DTU Youth Union allows students to refine their professional and social skills and encourages them to volunteer and share responsibility for local communities.

Sinh viên Duy Tân v?i Chi?n d?ch Hành quân Tham gia Xây d?ng Nông thôn m?i 
DTU volunteers 

The DTU volunteers worked with local people to improve their daily lives. They built a new 255-meter cement road, cleaned up canals and water filtration plants, repaired electrical equipment, produced community music shows, gave gifts to needy households, taught children and instructed local women in reproductive health, infectious diseases and HIV prevention.
 Sinh viên Duy Tân v?i Chi?n d?ch Hành quân Tham gia Xây d?ng Nông thôn m?i 
DTU volunteers donate gifts to needy households

DTU handed over gifts worth 500,000 vnd each to underprivileged families in the hamlets. The campaign lasted for ten days and strengthened the relationship with the local residents. Mr. Luong, a local farmer, gave the DTU volunteers a poem entitled “Ðu?ng k? ni?m”. 

B?n di Bình Phu?c, Phu?c Ð?ng
Con du?ng trong xóm bê tông dang làm.
Nhân dân dóng góp công ti?n
C? ban ki?n thi?t góp ti?n làm ngay.
Cám on cán b? xã nhà
Cán b? trên huy?n cùng là sinh viên.
Giúp dân qua m?y tu?n li?n
C? nam l?n n? không h? kêu ca.
Các cháu d?u ? xa nhà 
Thi?u th?n d? th? th?t là khó khan.
Dân ta ph?i nghi cho r?ng
Tinh th?n các cháu giúp dân c?a mình.
Cám on các cháu h?t mình
Con du?ng v?ng ch?c dân thì không quên.
Các cháu h?c gi?i ti?n liên 
Ra tru?ng giúp nu?c di lên sang giàu.
L?i nguy?n nói tru?c nhu sau
Các cháu m?nh kho? ngày mai v? tru?ng. 

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