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A Journey of Many Accomplishments

On June 2nd and 3rd, DTU held its 8th Party Congress, for the2020-2025 term, which was filled with many unique accomplishments. The DTU Party branch became the pride of DTU’s Party members, staff, lecturers, employees and students, who will confidently continue to follow the guidelines and objectives of the Party branch at its 8th Party Congress.  
Bí thu Thành ?y Truong Quang Nghia phát bi?u t?i bu?i làm vi?c v?i Ð?ng ?y t?i Tru?ng Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
City Party Secretary Truong Quang Nghia speaks during a visit to DTU
During the 2015-2020 term, the DTU Party branch worked with the university leadership to steadily improve the quality of education, build new facilities, develop the skills of management and lecturers and actively engage in international partnerships and training, offering  lecturers and students access to the latest teaching methods and advanced education, all at reasonable cost.
DTU offers PhD degrees in 3 disciplines, Master’s degrees in 8 and academic Bachelor’s degrees in 28, in 68 programs. 16 of these began during the previous term, including 1 PhD degree program, 4 Masters and 11 Bachelors. The university now employs 1,226 staff, lecturers and employees, including 843 lecturers, with 9 professors, 45 associate professors. 26% of them hold a total of 164 PhDs.
The DTU brand name is becoming stronger and is attracting even more students to the university, with a total of 25,677 PhDs, postgraduates and undergraduates attending at the end of 2019. In the 2015-2020 term, the university graduated 25,925 PhDs, Masters, Bachelors, engineers and architects, with 95.4% of graduates finding employment within one year.
ThS. Lê Van Chung - Giám d?c Trung tâm Mô ph?ng Mô hình hóa (CVS) nh?n Danh hi?u Sao Khuê 2020
MSc Le Van Chung, CVS Director, receives the 2020 Sao Khue award
The past term also witnessed many other remarkable achievements by DTU. The university obtained a certificate of meeting national education quality standards from the Center for Education Accreditation (of the Association of Vietnamese Universities and Colleges) on February 20, 2017; the organization QS World University Rankings ranked it in the 451–500 range of best Asian universities in November 2019; it was the first Vietnamese university to receive ABET accreditation for Network Engineering and Management Information Systems in August 2019; the international scientific research ranking organization Nature Index ranked it first of Vietnam in scientific research in the academic year 2018–2019; and the organization University Ranking by Academic Academic Performance (URAP) put it among the four Vietnamese universities with most international publications in 2019–2020.
The university also achieved success in 4,916 projects and publications, including 2,244 international ones and won 241 awards. DTU completed 5 protocol projects, 2 projects with ministerial funding, 47 Nafosted projects and 6 projects with provincial funding. It published 1,592 research papers in specialized or domestic journals or for projects with university funding. DTU obtained 6 patents. Students competed 646 research projects. In addition to academic publications, research project garnered 400 other awards. The best DTU research papers were published in well-known international journals, such as The Lancet, JAMA and Physical Review Letters, with a total of 23,400 citations.
In 2019, the government honored DTU with a first-class Labor Order, and the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Education presented an emulation banner. The DTU Party branch received a Certificate of Merit from the Danang City Party Committee. Since 2015, the Hai Chau District Party Committee has recognized the university for its strength in carrying out its Party duties. 
In addition to the collective achievements of the Party branch and the university as a whole, several Party branch members have also been honored. Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, Party branch Executive Committee Secretary and Board of Trustees Chairman, received the title of Hero of Labor in the period of Party and government renewal in 2016. 
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, Party Committee Vice-Secretary and DTU Provost, received a third-class Labor Order from the government, a Certificate of Merit from the Danang City Party Committee. He received another Certificate of Merit from the District Party Committee in 2019 for his allegiance to the words of Ho Chi Minh.  Many other staff and Party members were commended for carrying out their duties during each of the five years, with Certificates of Merit from the city People’s Committee and through national and international awards.
During the previous five years, the Party Committee assigned 711 leading non-Party members, including 363 staff, lecturers, employees and 348 students to classes on Party objectives. They then appointed 140 new Party members, including 84 staff, lecturers, employees, 1 associate professor, 3 PhDs and 55 students, meeting 110.4% of their target. The Party branch currently consists of 22 sub-branches with 225 members, 4 others, with 92 more members than at the start of the term. Since 2015, the Party Committee has also focused increasing the strength of the Party branches to consistently execute their duties outstandingly. A sub-branch recent evaluation 2015 reported that all of them, without exception, carry out their duties well.
During the 2015-2020 term, the branch Party Executive Committee worked with the University Council and the Board of Provosts to develop a strong leadership style and innovative curricula, whilst preserving self-reliance, resilience and responsibility, then drew up a concrete and realistic strategic plan. The Party Committee exceeded its objectives by coming up with ways to improve Party branch leadership skills, dispelling conflict and taking on a pioneering role. In this way, the Party branch helped DTU become one of the best universities in Vietnam, with international recognition.
DTU’s accomplishments during the previous term were the result of the leadership, guidance, and decisiveness of the DTU branch Party Executive Committee. The successful completion of objectives was due to strong leadership and close cooperation between the Party Committee, University Council and Board of Provosts, as well as the creativity, enthusiasm and responsibility of the dynamic branch Party Executive Committee members, sub-branch secretaries, the Party cadre, and the university lecturers and students, who all made noteworthy contributions. The timely advice and direction of the Hai Chau district Party Committee and the Ministry of Education and Training, the City Party Committee, the People’s Committee, departments and collectives in Danang were equally vital.
Exploiting the strengths of 2015-2020 will be the foundation for the DTU Party branch to successfully meet the objectives and goals set for 2020-2025, bearing in mind the vision by 2030 to focus on education and research in various science and technologies to graduate dynamic, creative, healthy young people, who love their country, possess humanitarian Vietnamese values, a sense of community, self-confidence and a broad range of capabilities and skills, and teach them to become Citizens of the World”.
In the immediate future, these achievements will help the University to confidently organize the 8th Party Congress, on the theme of “Innovation–Creativity–Intelligence–Consensus–Development”.
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