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2020-2021 Year-End Meeting of the DTU Work and Student Movement Union

On October 30, the DTU Youth Union held its 2020-2021 year-end meeting of the Work and Student Movement, Union and planned its activities, programs and objectives for 2021-2022. Attendees included Mr. Le Cong Hung, Vice-Chairman of the Vietnam Central Students Association, Vice-Secretary of the Danang City Union and Chairman of the Danang Student Association; DTU Standing Vice-Provost, Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, Standing Vice-Secretary of the Party Committee; representatives from the university offices and Union branches; and other university Union members.
The 2020-2021 Year-End Meeting of the Work and Student Movement Union
Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet, Secretary of the DTU Youth Union, summarized the Work and Student Movement Union activities in 2020-2021, when the Youth Union organized propaganda and educational events concerning the politics, ideology, ethics and lifestyle of Youth Union members. These included an online contest about the “Ninety years of the glorious tradition of the HCM Communist Youth Union”; the “2021 Youth Month”, the creation of a column entitled: “In honor of the exemplary DTU Union cadres”, published on the DTU fanpages, in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union; the “Repay Gratitude” and “Candlelighting to thank heroes and martyrs” ceremonies; and the “Daily good news and beautiful story of the week” column.
Other events were entitled: “Youth Volunteers”’ “Creative Youth”; “Young Shock-Troops in Defense of the Fatherland”; “Blood Donation Day”; “Looking after young people in their studies”; and “Looking after young people with startups and budding careers”. The Youth Union also organized activities to promote an understanding of international integration amongst the younger generation and partnered with the Startup Center to organize a webinar on “Inventive Problem Solving.” They also enabled an exchange of Vietnamese students and Union members with Burmese students, through the Passage to ASEAN course, and participated in in the National English Camp.
Mr. Le Cong Hung speaks at the meeting
The Danang Health Department supported a proposal to combat the pandemic, with 23 volunteers who had passed all checks and helped in the field hospital at the Tien Son Sports Center. Six others took part in front-line duty and medical support at the Hoa Vang field hospital from August 6 to 29, others helped to take body temperatures and medical declarations at checkpoints, transport necessities and clean residences and medical facilities in hospitals and quarantine areas.
In addition, sports activities were held to improve the health of Union members, including a friendly volleyball tournament with seven teams representing clubs and students from universities in Danang; the DTU Karate Club participated in the 2020 Danang Karate Clubs Cup, organized by the Danang Department of Culture & Sports, and won three gold, five silver and three bronzemedals; DTU students won a third prize and three consolation prizes in the finals of the city-level 2020 Innovation & Startup Ideas contest; and a third prize at the 2020 National Startup contest, with its “SmartBed” project.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet also mentioned key tasks to be completed in 2021-2022, including an all-level Union meeting in with HCMC Communist Youth Union in 2022-2024; strengthening the DTU Student Union over the 2018-2023 term; the promotion of a variety of research and startup activities for Union members and students, including propaganda, training, talk shows, contests and skills classes; the implementation of the “Student of Five Merits” movement and putting the awardees to good use; the diversification of club, team and group activities; the creation of a healthy and rewarding living environment for students; the improved development of new Union members; the management of Union members and activities; the training and retraining of Union staff; and promoting the training and improvement of outstanding Union members for introduction to the Party.
“2020-2021 was filled with difficulties because of Covid-19, which severely impacted the Union movement and students,” said Mr. Le Cong Hung. “However, the report shows how the DTU Union and the Danang Youth Union Standing Committee maintained and strengthened the university by organizing several meaningful events. We also take note of the significant contribution of the younger Union members of the university who ignored the dangers and were ready to assist at major city checkpoints and we supported the students who stayed in the city during the pandemic. This year, there will again be many important events and the DTU Youth Union is well-prepared with the people and the paperwork. We have learned a lot from last year and are ready to inherit and exploit our strengths and previous accomplishments to achieve even better results collectively in the future.”
The DTU Youth Union Standing Committee also announced its decision to reward collectives and individuals who made positive contributions to Union work and the student movement in 2020-2021. Six groups received an Excellent & Strong ranking, eight groups were classified as Developed, 25 others were recognized for their outstanding achievements in the Union and 273 for their help in combatting the pandemic.
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