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DTU Presents Tet gifts and train tickets to needy DTU faculty and staff on 2021 Lunar New Year of the Ox

On February 4th, the DTU Trade Union donated gifts and train tickets to DTU faculty and staff in financial difficulty on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. Dr. Vo Thanh Hai - DTU Vice-Provost; Head of the DTU Trade Union, underprivileged faculty and staff attended. 
Trao Quà cùng Vé xe cho Ðoàn viên Khó khan d?p T?t Tân S?u
Dr. Vo Thanh Hai speaks
Over the years, in addition to its activities, the DTU Trade Union and the DTU Board of Provosts have done much to support hard-working employees materially and spiritually, especially the underprivileged.  
As Tet of the Ox 2021 approached, the Union presented gifts to 50 members and train tickets to 32. This is a DTU Trade Union activity held every year before the Tet holiday. 
Trao Quà cùng Vé xe cho Ðoàn viên Khó khan d?p T?t Tân S?u
Gifts for faculty and staff
Dr. Vo Thanh Hai said: “2020 was a year of turmoil, with the Covid-19 global break-out severely impacting all our lives. In addition, Central Vietnam has suffered immensely from extreme storms and floods. Lunar New Year draws near, but with the epidemic many families don’t know whether they’ll be able to visit their hometowns. The university therefore relates at lot and will be there for Union members. I hope everyone will strictly follow the requirements of the Ministry of Health and take care of their own health and also of the health of the community. I wish all lecturers and their families a happy and peaceful Tet.” 
The University Union also drew up a list of people in particularly difficult circumstances and sent it to the Danang Federation of Labor for consideration.
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