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Closing of 13th Annual DTU Mini-Football Tournament

After one month of competition, the 13th annual DTU mini-football tournament officially ended with the two exciting finals for the championship and the third-place prize at DTU Stadium on December 26.
The match for the championship between the Institute of Research & Development and LAB
The DTU Mini-Football Tournament is held annually by the DTU Labor Union to promote health and physical exercise among lecturers and staff. With the participation of ten teams from DTU faculties and departments, this tournament entertained the spectators with impressive matches.
In the third-place match between the Office Division and the Economic School, the Office Division played very well and defeated the Economic School with an overwhelming score of 9-2 to receive the bronze medal.       
The Institute of Research & Development maintains the championship
In the finals, the Institute of Research & Development and LAB excited the spectators with their passes. With their stable and skilled play, the Institute of Research & Development beat LAB 1-0 to maintain the championship.      
The Board of organizers awarded the championship to the Institute of Research & Development. The silver and bronze medals went to LAB and the Office Division respectively, and the style prize to the Economic School. Besides, the best goalkeeper prize went to Tran Xuan Vu from the Institute of Research & Development, and the prize for the player with most goals to Tran Mien (who scored 10 goals) from the Office Division.
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