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DTU team enters the finals of the 2020 Festival for Propaganda Teams, performing Revolutionary Songs

On October 17, DTU won second prize in the preliminary round of the 2020 Festival for Propaganda Teams singing revolutionary songs, with one entitled “Epic of Immortality”. The event was organized by the Standing Committee of the Danang City Youth Union and the winners will now move on to the finals.
This festival aimed to teach local young people about the revolutionary traditions of Vietnam, the history of the struggle to liberate the nation and reunification, in order to foster a spirit of patriotism and welcome the 22nd Danang Party Congress for 2020 to 2025.
Ð?i van ngh? c?a ÐH Duy Tân vào Chung k?t Liên hoan Các nhóm Tuyên truy?n Ca khúc Cách m?ng nam 2020
All the songs followed the theme “Epic of Immortality”
Twenty teams from district youth unions and others performed 70 musical pieces in praise of the Party, Uncle Ho, Vietnam and the Ho Chi Minh Youth Union. The Hai Chau District and DTU team received first and second prizes respectively. Third prizes went to the Ngu Hanh Son District, the Cam Le District and the Danang Police Department teams. The Hoa Vang, Lien Chieu, Thanh Khe districts and the Danang College of Foreign Languages, the Danang Vocational College and the Danang Border Guard Command received consolation prizes. 
Ð?i van ngh? c?a ÐH Duy Tân vào Chung k?t Liên hoan Các nhóm Tuyên truy?n Ca khúc Cách m?ng nam 2020
DTU’s impressive performance
With the themes “Continuing the Writing of an Epic Song” and “The Epic of Immortality”, the DTU team performed “Fighting for Independence and Freedom”, a mash-up consisting of “The Torn Old Shirt was Stitched by Mother Long Ago”, “The Legend of a Mother” and “My mother and My Country Have Never Been So Beautiful.”           
Mr. Pham Trung Tuyen, Director of the DTU Center for Arts and Sports said: “When they first heard about the 2020 festival, our team started choosing suitable songs and planning their choreography. We were then happy to become the only Danang team to reach the finals of the 2020 Festival.”   
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